Saturday , 20 October 2018

Gold Prices: “a potential wildfire just waiting for the right spark”

GAM, an investment firm with more than $119 billion in assets under gold risemanagement, says conditions are perfect for gold prices, comparing the market to a potential wildfire that is just waiting for the right spark.

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In an exclusive interview with Kitco News, John Lambert, investment director at GAM, said that he sees a number of catalysts that will re-ignite the uptrend in gold prices…

1. One significant spark Lambert sees in the near term could be potential US dollar weakness, saying that the greenback’s current strength…could soon change as it becomes clear that interest rates will remain lower for longer. “It’s impossible for interest rates to go up substantially,” he said. “Like it or not, we are in a world of trending lower economic growth.”

2. Lambert said that global central bank monetary policy has gone as far as it can go and now governments are trying to boost economic growth through fiscal policies but that this will only result in higher debt levels saying that the response to stagnant growth and higher debt levels could eventually lead to higher inflation, which will ultimately be positive for gold prices.

3. Lambert stated that another factor that could drive gold prices higher next year is geopolitical uncertainty as Europe faces a number of contentious issues like Italy’s constitutional referendum, elections in France and Germany and continued fallout from the Brexit referendum.

Brexit, Lambert said, was the first domino to fall, highlighting rising discontent for globalization. He added that it is still unclear what impact that will have on the European economy and the political landscape. “The point of Brexit is that it proves that populism is here and it is real,” he said. “It highlights that there are growing risks to the very fabric of the euro zone. The next 15 months is going to be extremely volatile geopolitically and gold could be seen as a political hedge.”

Although Lambert is bullish on gold, he doesn’t have a price target for the yellow metal…saying that he prefers exposure to gold through the mining sector…

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