Most Recent Articles       August 28, 2016
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Which Measure of Inflation Is Closest to the Truth?
There is a strong belief that independent measures of inflation are false and not trustworthy. I address this issue and show how the rate of inflation is measured today, the historical background of it, and compare different methods to find out which one is closer to the truth.
Rickards: "$10,000 Number For Gold Well Grounded Analytically"
You can have multiple paths, and timing has to be watched, but the $10,000 number for gold is very well grounded analytically.
Contribute Gold & Silver to Your IRA - Here's Why & How To Do So
Too much debt, too little income, expenses too high, cost of living increasing every year, and retirement income increases (if any) not keeping pace with increasing cost of living? Then do something about it! Here's how.
Gold Watch: A Decisive Break Above $1,400/ozt Will Signal Start of Major Advance
A decisive break above $1,400 an ounce could be just around the corner and, to my mind, would signal the start of gold’s next major advance.
The 4 Silver Juniors With the Best Free Cash Flow Figures
The 4 mining stocks on our list today have exposure to silver. In addition, they have the best free cash flow figures compared to their competitors during the last 12 months.
American Consumers Are Stressed-Out & Tapped-Out: Here's How to Take Advantage
No Roads, No Problem: Zipline to Deliver Medical Supplies to Remote Areas of U.S.
6 Factors That Favor Gold In The Current Environment
Gold Likely to Drop to $1,225 & Silver to $16.75 Next Month - Then Buy With Both Hands!
Canadian Home Prices Give Me the "Heebeejeebies" - Here's Why
Your Portfolio: What IS & IS NOT Effective Diversification