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Ignore Gold Price Forecasters: None - Absolutely None - Can Accurately Predict the Future Price of Gold
A few years back I published an article that itemized what 148 supposed experts of the day were predicting for the future price of gold and as it turns out none of them – not one – knew what they were talking about. By trying to do so they were all playing a fool’s game, a game reserved for the brave but foolhardy.
Cannabis Central: Don't Buy A Marijuana ETF Until You've Read This Article!
Should investors invest in one of the marijuana ETFs? Before doing so one needs to do their homework and this article, unlike any other article you have read on the subject, does just that. This article identifies all the marijuana ETFs currently available and outlines the many differences between them with answers to the following questions:
Cannabis Central: These "Pot" Stocks Are the Least Volatile Of A High Beta Sector
The knock on stocks in the marijuana sector is their high volatility but here are some marijuana stocks (non-bio/pharma) with betas less than 2.
Silver Facing Triple Breakout Resistance To Higher Price
Silver peaked at $50 in the early 1980s, peaked again at $50 in 2011 but has declined 65% since then in a uniform falling channel. The recent move higher, however, sends a bullish message to Silver owners. Below are 2 charts that illustrate the situation.
U.S. Dollar: Current Situation & Projections For Its Future
Below is a highly informative infographic from Fortunly on the current state of the greenback. It will also provide you with a short history of the currency and some projections for the future. Enjoy!
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