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"The following articles have just been posted due to their exceptionally informative content and were edited, abridged and reformatted, where necessary, to provide you with a fast and easy read. Enjoy!"
The ULTIMATE Guide To Hiring - and Perhaps Firing - A Financial Advisor
Most financial "advisors" are really not trained to be skilled investment experts. They are trained to gather assets and keep their customers happy. They are salespeople. Is your financial "advisor" selling you services that amount to not much more than a smile or is he/she offering real substance that will help you meet your financial goals? You should take a long hard look at your financial advisor and rethink what you expect of them and this summary of articles does just that.
Cannabis Central: 2 Steps Forward (April & May); 1 Step Back (June)
Below is the June performance of the constituents of the equally-weighted Non-penny Pot Stock Index (NPSI) of 25 pure-play cannabis stocks within each of the 3 categories that represent their primary area of focus in the cannabis industry.
The Stock Market: The Next 3 Years Could Be Horrid!
Stock market return fluctuations tend to cycle these 9 cycles collectively suggest the stock market should probably rise to all-time highs at least into late July but that the next three years could be horrid.
Investing: Apply These 15 Rules For Great Long Term Returns
It is most important to have a process that can mitigate the risk of loss in your portfolio and here are 15 rules of investment to accomplish that.
Hyperinflation: Absolutely EVERYTHING You Need To Know! (+3K Views)
To wind up with true hyperinflation, some very bad things have to happen. The government has to completely lose control and the populace has to completely lose faith in the system - or both at the same time. Will the U.S. go down that path? Let's review the situation.
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