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Continued Post-Brexit Surge In Gold Would Make Exploration Properties Hot Commodities
If gold does take continued strength on Brexit and other global uncertainties, the lack of future supply is going to be an issue coming squarely into focus and — like we saw during the last gold boom of 2006 to 2008 — gold exploration properties will suddenly be a hot commodity.
Greenspan Warns We're In the “early days of a crisis” - Here's Why
Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve has warned that Brexit was a “terrible outcome in all respects” and that we are in the “early days of a crisis.”
A Bullish & Bearish Perspective On What Brexit Means For Gold
Last Friday investors had the opportunity to see what happens when markets get surprised as markets around the world plummeted and risk-off was the name of the game as gold and bonds rose. This article analyzes what Brexit means for gold from both a bullish and a bearish perspective and concludes with our recommended course of action.
Palladium/Gold Ratio Doesn't Bode Well For U.S. Economy or Stock Markets - Here's Why
Understanding palladium is more important than ever, because there are important correlations between the palladium/gold ratio and stock market prices and, currently, the ratio of palladium/gold ratio is giving warning signals for both the economy and the stock markets.
21 Incredible Uses for Silver
The following infographic shows 21 incredible uses for silver. Many of them may be surprising or seemingly “oddball”, but it really speaks to the impressive versatility of the metal.
A Comparison of the Social & Economic Well-Being of White, Black, Hispanic & Asian Americans
The Ultimate Reasons To Own Gold
Brexit To Have Major Global Economic Repercussions - Here are 6
Post-Brexit Decline Represents A Fantastic Buying Opportunity - Here's Why
Brexit Is the First Domino To Fall - Got Cash?
The Case For $65,000/ozt Gold In 5 Years' Time - Yes, $65,000!