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Noonan: Take A Look - Gold & Silver Turnarounds Evident In the Charts
The rally in both gold and silver has seen a significant change in market behavior, and these changes are telling the world that the decline from 2011 may have ended.
4 Tricks Some Financial Advisors Use On Their Clients
Trust is obviously a huge aspect of any client relationship in the financialinvesting6 services industry, but there are some red flags people can look for to make sure their outsourced investment advice isn’t coming from a charlatan. Here are four tricks the finance industry plays on their clients.
Will Higher Interest Rates Result In Lower Gold Prices?
It is my view that gold is in the Phase III of its Cup-and-Handle chart formation and the next breakout will bring it to $1,375 level. While It is possible for gold prices to fall below 1,200, or below 1,000 later, as many believe, I see that as unlikely. This may happen only if...
Infamous Death Cross Only Makes For Good Financial Pornography! Here's Why
Discussing the Death Cross in a sensationalistic context is sexy and makes for good financial pornography and conversation over cocktails but that's about all. Here's why.
Substantial Drop In S&P 500 Quite Possible Soon - Here's Why
There are patterns in markets and we can learn from past patterns in the S&P 500 Index. My assessment of the Index at this point in time suggests it would be wise to consider the possibility of a substantial S&P 500 Index drop in coming months. Here's why.
Stock Markets Will Soar When Fed Introduces Negative Rates - Here's Why
Keep on Truckin’ - April SUV & Truck Sales UP 11%, Car Sales DOWN 5%
Pervasive Death Crosses Are U.S. Stock Market Sell Signals
Bitcoin Will Revolutionize Gambling - Here's Why & How
These Charts Say: "Accumulate Gold Now For the Long Term"
Which Of These Online Brokers Is Best For You?