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Silver Could Hit $150 A Troy Ounce - Here's Why
...A collapse of the U.S. dollar is inevitable. The U.S. Dollar Index has been bouncing off of four-year lows for the past several weeks but this cannot last much longer with a global trade war and U.S. equity correction looming....The U.S. dollar and fiat currencies are in trouble, hinting that gold and silver prices could again go screaming higher...[as] the two still generally trade inverse to each other and, while gold is perhaps the safest way to hedge against a falling dollar, the most profitable option is silver.
New All Time Record Highs For Gold & Silver Coming In 2019
Gold is gaining momentum after a 5-year consolidation and is set to challenge the 2011 highs some time next year. Once gold clears $2,000, a powerful bull market should drive the gold price meaningfully higher.
In Coming Upsurge Silver Will Move Up Almost 4x As Fast As Gold! Here's Why
The moves in gold and silver will be explosive. The time to own physical gold and silver is today and not when they move to new highs. Both metals are at inflation adjusted historical lows and the downside risk is minimal. Also, they probably are the most undervalued of all assets currently.
A Breakout In the Silver-Gold Ratio Could Spring Silver Much Higher & Carry Gold With It
A breakout here would “spring” silver much higher, and likely carry gold with it. Precious metals investors need to be watching this ratio here!
Weakening USD Underlines Case For Owning Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium)
Larger allocations to gold are merited, then silver and investors should consider very small allocations to platinum and palladium.
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