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Gold In 2020 & Beyond - What To Expect & Why
This article is a review of how gold has performed over the years, the gold market currently, what to expect beyond 2020 and how best to achieve your financial goals.
Cannabis Central: The Sector's 20 Most Shorted Stocks
Many investors do not believe all the hype regarding pot stocks and believe that the industry is overvalued. Below are the 20 most shorted cannabis stocks.
What Will Happen If (and probably when) the U.S. Debt Bubble Bursts? (+8K Views)
The madmen who are responsible for the coming economic disaster continue to behave as if they can manage to avoid it. Violating Einstein’s definition of insanity, they continue to apply the same poison that caused the problem. These fools believe they can manage complexities they do not understand. The end is certain, only its timing is unknown, and, once interest rates begin to rise, and they will, it's game over so it begs the questions "How much longer this can possibly go on?" and "What will happen to the U.S. and the world when it does?"
What Would It Take For Hyperinflation To Occur in the U.S.? (+10K Views)
There is a difference between inflation and hyperinflation...and there is no gradual path from one to the other. To wind up with true hyperinflation, some very bad things have to happen. The government has to completely lose control... the populace has to completely lose faith in the system... or both at the same time. [Are we there yet? Let's take a look.] Words: 1188
Silver: Expect MAJOR Rally By End Of February - Here's Why
Gold stocks have been a horrible, losing investment for decades. Compared to physical gold, their results are pathetic.
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5 Red Flags That Economic Collapse Is Imminent (+44K Views)
Where Does Your Country's Currency Rank? (+8K Views)