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Fed Announces Gold Standard To Be Phased In Starting July 4th! (+2K Views!)
Earlier today Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made the surprising announcement of the return to the gold standard saying, “The safest way for the economy to proceed is through a new system that holds more accountability for the U.S. dollar and its value in the global markets.”
Cash-strapped U.S. Selling 41% of Hawaii & 100% of U.S. Virgin Islands To Canada (+2K Views)
Canada's multi-year efforts to buy the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean as a sunny and warm winter vacation destination for it citizens have been abandoned with the announcement leaked today of the agreement to purchase 41.3% of the Hawaiian Islands and 100% of the U.S. Virgin Islands from the cash-strapped United States. The details of the sale follow.
Classified Fed Memo Expresses Confidence In Ability To Control Economy, Stock Market & Housing Prices
A classified Federal Reserve memo sheds new light on the Fed's confidence in its control of the economy and the stock and housing markets.
Major Changes To American Way of Life Coming Within Months
Below is an edict to the citizens of the United States of America on the subject of a change in U.S.A. governorship and its citizens' personal conduct given the current "circus" in America's politics and deterioration in the way of life of most Americans.
S&P 500 Index Likely To Bottom Between 1876 & 1463 But Possibly As Low As 1000 - Here's Why
I expect the current bear market cycle to trough between 1876 and 1464.
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