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These Chinese Sector Weaknesses Could Adversely Affect Global Economy & U. S. Stocks
Monitoring how Beijing is managing China's slowdown, and whether it will be able to rebalance its growth, are highly important as weakness in China will weigh on U.S. stocks. Given the ongoing structural reforms, government policies and global economic conditions, certain sectors within China have surfaced as winners while some are surprisingly becoming losers, which provide long-term investing opportunities. This article identifies the sectors that are winning, losing and remaining neutral.
A Great Collapse or a Grand Ascension: What Does the Future Hold?
The S&P 500, Treasury Bonds, and the U.S. Dollar Index look like candidates for the Great Collapse while gold, silver, and their stocks look like candidates for the Grand Ascension. This article explains why that is the case with supporting charts.
The Value of Education Is Almost Off the Charts!
What is the value of education for household income? The Census Bureau's annual survey data for 2015 published last week gives us some interesting insights into this question.
Was Fed Decision To Leave Interest Rate Unchanged the Right Call? 2 Opposing Points of View
The Federal Reserve has decided to leave its target interest rate unchanged at a range of 0.25% - 0.5% while suggesting that a hike later in the year was very likely. This article presents the differing points of view of two former Fed officials as to whether it was the right call or not.
Read This Article Before Trying To Time the Market
The greatest risk in the market cannot even be found "in the market." Instead, our greatest risk is an internal one that resides in our hearts and minds, knowing when to buy and sell, when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Today, we'll look at those internal risks and how they affect your investing.
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