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Gold Breakout Above $1,375/ozt Would Mean A New Bull Market Beginning - Here's Why
A rise in the gold price above $1,375 would confirm that the bull market is on and that would likely cause prices to rise really fast once thereafter. Here's why.
The Bubbles in Housing & Stocks Are Supported By An Invisible Bubble In Greed, Euphoria & Credulity!
We believe what we believe will make us rich, what feeds our euphoric confidence that the bubble-music will never stop and our credulity that bubbles which we know will pop will not pop until we've safely cashed out.
Take A Look: The Longest Bull Markets of the Modern Era
During the longest bull market in modern history, the S&P 500 surged a whopping 418% over the 9.5 years between November 1990 and March 2000 but, in mere months, this famed bull market may lose its title as the “longest” in the modern era because, according to data and analysis from LDL Research, the current bull market will take over the claim to fame in late August 2018. In today’s chart, we show every bull market since WWII, including the top six which are covered in more detail.
Annual Rates of Inflation: Since World War 2; Over Past 10 Years and Y-o-Y
This look further back into the past dramatically illustrates the extreme oscillation between inflation and deflation during the first 70 years of our timeline.
Gold: Difficulties In Going "Under Cover" To Find Hidden Deposits Are Great BUT So Are the Rewards
Today’s infographic comes to us from Nevada Exploration, and it identifies the problem behind finding “hidden” deposits of gold that do not leave a helpful trail of clues on the surface.
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