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The Medical Marijuana Industry: Where It's Legal & How to Invest In It
Within the last six years ago, the number of Americans who support legalizing medical marijuana has risen from 70% to 90% according to polls by Quinnipiac and Gallup. Those who support overall legalization has risen from 46% to 54%. Let’s explore some of the recent news and changes to the marijuana industry that could impact the industry’s growth and accessibility for investors.
Tesla's "Master Plan" Could Give These 5 Lithium Stocks A Charge
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has come up with a master plan for ramping up car production which, if achieved, could cause lithium stocks to skyrocket. Below are descriptions of 5 such companies that could become supercharged as a result.
Social Security: When to Take It & Will it Survive?
Although I have a few years before I am eligible for Social Security, I’m close enough that I am now thinking about three key issues: 1.At what age to start claiming it; 2.Whether it will still be there when I request it; and, regardless of Social Security, much does one need to live on in retirement?
Gold Price Forecast: Long-Term Pattern Targets $2,700
When we witness a break of the $1,400 resistance, we expect to see a continuation of the gold bull market with a long-term target of $2,700. Here's why.
The “Italian problem”: Its Banks & the Future of the Euro
Italy is facing its greatest crisis in the postwar era. The country’s banking system is bankrupt, and no one in Europe is willing to fix it. As a result the euro could start to drift toward dollar parity as the situation in Europe goes from bad to worse.
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