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Major Devaluation Of Yuan Expected In 1-2 Years - Here's Why
I think the Chinese are devaluing the yuan in slow motion but when they realize that the shadow banking system will tighten credit at the worst possible time - just when the PBOC is actively fighting such tighter credit conditions - they are likely to devalue the yuan by a much larger and less orderly amount.
4 TSX High Yielding Dividend Stocks with Strong Income Growth

Doing Next To Nothing In Your Portfolio Is A Winning Approach - Here's Why
As of the end of 2015, there were over 15,600 mutual funds, 11,000 hedge funds and 2,100 ETFs...[which] account for almost 50% more...than there are individual stocks and bonds. The paradox of choice makes it extremely difficult for investors to wade through this sea of complexity, but it also increases the temptation to make changes to a portfolio. People have a hard time sitting still in the face of this sheer number of choices, even when there are proven benefits from inaction with your investments. [Let me explain.]
Major Bull Market In Canadian Cannabis Stocks to Continue
The Canadian marijuana landscape is about to change considerably in 2017. Canada’s government is in the process of allowing recreational marijuana across the country next year, so the number of customers the licensed producers can sell to should increase significantly by multiple folds in 2017 and 2018 and, as such, increasing their sales dramatically over the next few years as a result. Do you own any of the stocks of the 10 licensed producers there? If, not, perhaps you should consider doing so. This article outlines why.
Gold: This Is A Dip, So Buy It; Do Not Sit On the Fence - Here's Why
I am of the opinion that the current level for gold, and gold and silver miners, is near enough to a bottom as to render the downside risk limited. This is a dip, so buy it; do not sit on the fence!
Gold Has Bottomed & Is About To Go North - Way North
Day of Reckoning Coming - Here's Why & How to Save Yourself From Going Broke
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