Most Recent Articles       February 20, 2017
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Bullion Bank Activities: How They Work
Bullion banking is a commonly used term, but what does it refer to and who are these bullion banks? This infographic guides you through the shadowy world of bullion banking centred in the City of London, and looks at the paper gold creation process, how the banks use unallocated gold accounts to allow the trading of gigantic amounts of fictitious gold, and how the system is being perpetuated, even by the new entrants into the market who claim to offer a competitive alternative.
Bank for International Settlements Warns of Looming Debt Bubble
Global debt-to-GDP is now at a record high and the Bank for International Settlements hasbubbles noted that over the last 16 years, debts of governments, households and corporations has gone up everywhere.
Upcoming Market Possibilities & How Gold May Figure In Them
In a conversation posted at You Tube, GoldMoney's brain trust -- founder James Turk, CEO Roy Sebag, research chief Alasdair Macleod, and Vice President John Butler -- discuss the market possibilities for the new year and how gold may figure in them. They seem to agree that big changes are in the air.
The Financial Impact Of Living Longer
People are living longer. The double-edged sword version is that people have a much longer time horizon to plan for financially, which could make things tricky for those who aren’t thoughtful about the potential ramifications.
Today's Hyper Bubble: Who Is Responsible?
So far in 2017 our index markets have been increasing at record rates. New records are being set daily. Are we now in a huge ‘bubble’ - a HYPER bubble? I think so!
Inflation: What Is It? What Isn't? Who's Responsible For It?
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