Wednesday , 13 December 2017

Lighten Up! Here’s the REAL Purpose of the World Economic Forum In Davos, Switzerland

By David Hague (

The purpose of the meeting in Davos is:

1.  to discern and implement new ways to convince the public that giving a perpetual and eternal supply of money to the largest employers in the world – governments, the banking industry and the defense industry – is the path to financial salvation. If not, the money:

  • might find its way to entrepreneurs and small business owner who would surely end the reign of the Davos attendees as global arbiters of wealth distribution….[and, moreover,] the money
  • might be wasted on education, infrastructure and silly projects to make the world a better place.

Source: My Personal “(:Report:)” from the World Economic Forum in Davos by David Hague (

2. to gather the world’s most influential people together so that the world’s most powerful lobbyists can explain to them the political and economic agenda for the upcoming year,

3. to reassure Main Street that the world’s leaders have ‘got their backs’ and are working to ensure their continued prosperity which will placate and anesthetize the masses into a state of inertia whilst the world’s elite prepare for the financial cataclysm their leadership has made inevitable.

4. to propose adding a new word to the English language which is motivated by a recognition that the definition of the word “debt”  defined by Merriam Webster as ‘something that is owed and will be paid back’ – is becoming a very inconvenient truth for them

5. and to, explicitly, replace the word “debt” with the word “agfok  an acronym for “a gift for our kids” – in recognition of the fact that the 52 trillion dollars  of global government debt will never be repaid.

Source: 2 Shocking Revelations from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland  by David Hague (

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