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Score 90% In This Geography Quiz & Win a FREE Newsletter Subscription

If you can correctly answer more than 18 of the 21 multiple choice questions in theeuropean_union_flags_1 interactive quiz below about 21 different European countries… I will arrange to have you receive our unabridged Newsletter without charge until June 30.

So writes Ian R. Campbell in his Economic Straight Talk Newsletter which is available by subscription only . The commentary* below is just one item discussed in his latest daily newsletter* (see archived newsletters in their entirety here) under the heading Europe:  Picture quiz

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Campbell goes on to say in edited excerpts from his newsletter:

Given the economic importance of both Europe and the smaller Eurozone (17 of about 50 European countries – the European Union comprising 27 of those, including the Eurozone countries) both in a European and world economic context, knowing as much as one can about Europe can’t hurt.  I suggest you take the test.

I read articles on European countries every day, and nonetheless answered only 18 of the 21 questions correctly.

If you are not a paid subscriber to The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter, take the quiz.  If you answer more than 18 of the 21 multiple choice questions correctly, send your score and your first and last names by email to, and I will arrange to have you receive our unabidged Newsletter without charge until June 30.

Topical Reference: Think you know Europe? Take our geography quiz, from The Christian Science Monitor, Jacob Turcotte – quiz completion time about 4 minutes.

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*The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter (Insights for Serious Traders and Investors – Today’s Commentary on Economic & Resource News) by Ian R. Campbell, FCA, FCBV; © 2013, Stock Research DD Inc., all rights reserved.

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