Wednesday , 19 June 2019

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Video: India to Pay for Iranian Crude Oil in Gold Instead of Dollars

The EU has delivered on its threat to ban the import of crude oil from Iran, in response to its nuclear programme. The latest round of sanctions prohibits any new oil contracts, while allowing for existing deals to run until July but Tehran is apparently finding ways to keep business pumping. Reports say Iran will keep supplying one of its biggest customers - India - but will get payment in gold instead of dollars. Video* length: 02:37 minutes.

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What Happens to Oil Prices if Israel Bombs Iranian Nuclear Facilities?

We now believe that there is at least a 50% probability of Israeli airstrikes against Iranian nuclear sites... Iran has multiple retaliatory options at its disposal...[and it begs the question:] Which options would most adversely affect the price of oil? [Let's take a look at what those options would be.] Words: 544

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