Wednesday , 23 May 2018

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Might the Gov’t “Borrow” Your IRA to Fund Its MyRA?

The government in the Land of the Free is moving in the direction of borrowing more and more of your retirement savings. They need more money & there is no easier pool of cash to ‘borrow’ than Americans’ retirement savings. $7.3 trillion in U.S. IRA accounts is too large for them to ignore.

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Protect Yourself From A Future Windfall Profits Tax On Gold – Here’s How

Many have speculated that the U.S. government could once again turn to gold confiscation/nationalization if it became desperate enough. These fears are not unfounded given the abysmal financial situation of the U.S. government that only continues to get worse, coupled with a total lack of political will to cut spending but would the U.S. government really turn to a 1933-style grab again? I would argue that they wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean the threat to your gold has diminished. Quite the opposite. [This articles identifies what they might well do.]

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