Monday , 17 June 2019

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3 Reasons Gold Might Rally, and Might Not, & What to Do Right Now

The price action in gold and gold miners over the past six months has many investors turning their back on the precious metal. Gold fell below $1,600 last week to reach a six month low, prompting many to step back and wonder aloud if the precious metal's decade long bull market has officially come to an end. With the price of gold now back to where it was in July of 2011, it's time to decipher whether this is a buying opportunity, or time to head for the exits.

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Spend Your Bernanke Bux Now on PHYSICAL Gold & Silver! Here’s Why!

If Venezuela were any guide, we would have to say "Buy gold and silver, right here, right now!"...For those of you who hold Bernanke Bux, aka fiat paper, pay close attention. Those Venezuelan citizens who held paper Bolivars took a 46% hit on their purchasing power. Those citizens there who held gold and silver saw an equivalent 46% jump in their holdings. If you think it cannot happen here, you are wrong. It already has. Words: 295

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Gold Bulls Shouldn’t Buy Gold Stocks!

With the Bank of Japan's latest move to fight deflation and seemingly to start another round of global competitive currency devaluation, it...makes sense to hold some gold in a portfolio. However, I remain of the opinion that it makes no sense for gold bulls to hold gold stocks over bullion. [This article explains why that is the case.] Words: 281

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Owning Gold Bullion Can Help Boost Your Global Net Worth! Here's Why

Today's world is as uncertain as any we've seen in some time. Sovereign-debt crises threaten major economies in Europe and Japan and the fiscal state of the United States is the worst in non-wartime history! It's no surprise, then, that investors are becoming increasingly attracted to the safety, anonymity and purchasing-power preservation that comes with bullion ownership. That being said, one of the most-often-overlooked benefits of bullion is its ability to help you increase your wealth across currencies, so today I'll show you how owning physical metals — and the most-precious of them all, gold in particular — can help you to boost your global net worth! Words: 896

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Relative Strength Favors Gold Miners vs. Physical Gold

The best way to look at miners, in relation to gold, is to look at the relative strength of each which is most clearly illustrated through ratio analysis. Whether you are a fundamental or technical analyst, both schools of thought support the notion of investing in sectors that exhibit positive relative strength. For those unfamiliar, the idea is that relative strength tends to persist over time and that it is often best to invest in securities that exhibit positive relative strength. [So what does relative strength analysis suggest is the appropriate course of action these days? Let's take a look.] Words: 805

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Here Are 50+ Different Ways to Invest in Gold

Given the continuation of easy money policies by the Fed and other central banks around the world, as well as the very real possibility of more turmoil in the financial space, it isn’t surprising that many investors are looking to cash in on this modern day gold rush. For these investors looking to make a play on this elusive metal, we explore below every nook and cranny of the investing world to offer 50 ways to play gold. Words: 2600

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