Wednesday , 24 July 2019

WTIC, DOW & Silver Charts Strongly Suggests Silver About To Undergo A Major Increase

The bearish look of the triangle [as illustrated below] is creating the perfect panic needed before the silver price can go higher.

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Let’s take a look at silver priced in WTIC oil, the Dow and US dollars:

Silver Priced In Oil From 1983 To Now

silver price in oil edited

Price moved in a large channel before it broke out at the end of 2014. This is really significant given the length of time involved.

silver usd

…More importantly, the massive rounded bottom is a good base for the coming higher prices.

At the end of the bottoming pattern there appears to be a bullish wedge. A breakout from the wedge will be the start of a massive wave of depressed economic conditions. The rally should be larger and more intense than the one from 2001 to 2011.

Silver Priced in the Dow

Just like for oil, the relationship between silver and the Dow is an important measure of economic conditions….[Below] is a chart of silver priced in the Dow:

silver dow ratio

Currently silver priced in the Dow is close to all-time lows. Economic conditions are favourable to paper and debt-based assets. The bullish wedge is an indication that all this is about to change. Price is still stuck in the wedge, but it could be close to breakout…