Friday , 20 September 2019

Lorimer Wilson

Multiple Analyses Forecast Stock Market Losses Over Next 10 Years

As investors, we can form expectations of the future based on a number of factors and adjust our risk and investment thesis as we learn more and as the analyses below show, IF mean reversion occurs in price and valuations, then our expectations should be for losses over the coming 10 years. The analyses below offer substantial clues.

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Cannabis Central: 15% Resurgence in Larger Cap Pot Stocks To Date In September – Here’s Where

During the first 2 weeks of September there was a 10.5% resurgence in the 19 pure play marijuana stocks that trade above C$5/share (i.e. non-penny stocks) greatly out-performing the 2.3% return of the 313 pot stock universe strongly suggesting that the resurgence came almost exclusively from the larger cap stocks in the sector. This article highlights that disparity.

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