Cannabis Central: Timeline of Legalization of Marijuana by U.S. States -
Sunday , 7 March 2021

Cannabis Central: Timeline of Legalization of Marijuana by U.S. States

This post (by Lorimer Wilson, editor of presents a timeline of the growth in the number of states legalizing cannabis since California first did back in 1996 to 2019 when 75% of states had some sort of legalization or decriminalization.

Growth In Number Of States Legalizing Cannabis from 2000 to 2019

State Legalization Growth ChartSource

Timeline Of When Specific States Legalized Use Of Medical and/or Recreational Cannabis

Phase 1: Medical Legalization Phase 2: Recreational Legalization
1996: CA becomes first state to legalize medical cannabis.
1998: AK, OR, and WA legalize medical cannabis.
1999: ME legalizes medical cannabis.
2000: HI, NV, and CO legalize medical cannabis.
2001: NV decriminalize cannabis.
2004: MT and VT legalize medical cannabis.
2006: RI legalizes medical cannabis.
2007: NM legalizes medical cannabis.
2008: MI legalizes medical cannabis.
2009: NJ legalizes medical cannabis.
2010: DE legalizes medical cannabis.
2011: CT decriminalizes cannabis.
2012: CT legalizes medical cannabis.
2012: RI decriminalizes cannabis.
2012: CO and WA become first two states to legalize recreational cannabis.
2013: VT decriminalizes cannabis.
2013: NH legalizes medical cannabis.
2014: MD and MO decriminalize cannabis.
2014: MN and NY legalize medical cannabis.
2014: UT becomes first state to legalize low-THC medical cannabis.
2014: AK and OR legalize recreational cannabis.
2014: AL, KY, WI, MS, TN, IA, SC, FL, NC, and MOlegalize low-THC medical cannabis.
2015: DE decriminalizes cannabis.
2015: LA legalizes medical cannabis.
2015: VA, GA, OK, TX, and, WY legalize low-THC medical cannabis.
2016: PA legalizes medical cannabis.
2016: OH legalizes medical cannabis.
2016: IL decriminalizes cannabis.
2016: CA, NV, and MA legalize recreational cannabis.
2017: WV legalizes medical cannabis.
2017: IN legalizes low-THC medical cannabis.
2017: NH decriminalizes cannabis.
2018: VT legalizes recreational cannabis.
2018: IN and KS legalizes CBD for any use.
2018: OK legalizes medical cannabis.
2018: MI legalizes recreational cannabis.
2018: MO and UT legalize medical cannabis.
2019: NM decriminalizes cannabis.
2019: ND decriminalizes cannabis.
2019: IL legalizes recreational cannabis.
2019: NY decriminalizes cannabis.
2019: HI decriminalizes cannabis.


Graphic of States That Have Legalized Use Of Medical and/or Recreational Marijuana
Cannabis U.S. Map


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One comment

  1. I don’t think anyone has the right to make marijuana illegal at all god put it on earth for sicknesses and to help people that actually need it. Then for the states that do legalize it for medical the amount of money that they charge for the special card is rediculous if they think charging so much is going to stop u from buying it. Well think again they just make people that really need it suffer more cause of the damn cost of all the stuff u have to do to get your special little stupid card!!!!!
    Just like the so called opioid crisis it’s not for people that actually use them perscribed it’s the drug junkies that ruin everything that some people use right!!!!! But they would rather make the sick suffer more than what the illness causes all by itself!!!!!