Friday , 23 October 2020

Cannabis Central: Most Pot Stocks Are Losers YTD But These 6 Are Winners

Only 6 pure-play non-penny pot stocks are UP year-to-date out of a total of 300 actively traded cannabis stocks listed on the various North American stock exchanges. These “momentum” stocks, representing just 2% of the total, suggest that their companies are well managed, well financed and executing their respective business plans in such a manner as to have the confidence of serious marijuana stock investors. As such, they deserve your attention and this article does just that.

By Lorimer Wilson, managing editor of A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds!

The 6 stocks in question are UP 7.4% YTD, on average, versus a decline of 28.3% YTD for the basket of 25 stocks that make up the constituents of the equal-weighted Non-penny Pot Stock Index. Is it any wonder these “momentum” pot stocks warrant your attention?

Given the above you can understand my concentration on the very few winners in the cannabis stock sector. The 6 winners YTD are in each of 3 categories and their performance within those categories is as follows:

  1. Vertically Integrated (Seed-to-Sale) Category: 22 NPSI constituents in total and DOWN 29.0% YTD, on average
    • Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs): 8 constituents DOWN 37.4% YTD, on average
      • Rubicon (ROMJF) +40.7% YTD
    • American Multi-State Operators (MSOs): 11 constituents DOWN 14.4% YTD, on average
      • Columbia (CCHWF) +1.2% YTD
      • Green Thumb (GTBIF) +2.6% YTD
      • Trulieve (TCNNF) +8.0% YTD
    • Hemp Multi-State Operators – 3 constituents DOWN 41.7% YTD, on average
      • None
  2. Extraction Processor/Marketer – 2 constituents DOWN 13.4% YTD, on average
    • Neptune (NEPT) +4.0% YTD
  3. Consumption Device Manufacturer/Marketer – 1 constituent
    • Greenlane (GNLN) +10.7% YTD

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