Friday , 23 October 2020

Cannabis Central: Pure-Play Pot Stocks Crash in September; Only 2 Advance

Only 25 of approximately 250 actively traded pot stocks fulfill the criteria for inclusion in the equal-weighted munKNEE Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio of being pure-play* cannabis companies whose stocks consistently trade for at least US$1/share and the portfolio crashed in September.

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The Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio was UP 25.3% in May; DOWN 8.0% in June; UP 16.5% in July and UP a further 8.3% in August but was DOWN 17.0% in September. Below were the major portfolio winners and losers for the month:

Major Winners

Only 2 participants were UP in price in September of which only 1 went UP in excess of 10%, namely, Jushi (JUSHF) +13.0%. Ayr Strategies (AYRSF) went UP 5.1%.

Major Losers 

23 (92%) of the Pure-Play Pot Stock participants went DOWN in price in September of which 14 went DOWN in excess of 10%, as follows:

  • 2 participants declined in excess of 30%, namely:
    1. Aurora (ACB) -52.6% and
    2. Valens (VLNCF) -30.1%
  • 5 participants declined between 20% and 30%, namely:
    1. Charlotte’s Web (CWBHF) -29.8%
    2. Avicanna (AVCNF) -29.0%
    3. Tilray (TLRY) -27.7%
    4. Greenlane (GNLN) -27.0%
    5. Neptune (NEPT) -23.3%
  • 5 participants declined between 15% and 20%, namely:
    1. cbdMD (YCBD) -19.0%
    2. Trulieve (TCNNF) -18.9%
    3. Planet 13 (PLNHF) -18.8%
    4. Organigram (OGI) -16.7%
    5. Harvest Health (HRVSF) -16.0%
  • 7 participants declined between 10% and 15%, namely:
    1. Green Thumb (GTBIF) -15.0%
    2. Columbia (CCHWF) -14.0%
    3. Curaleaf (CURLF) -13.3%
    4. Canopy (CGC) -13.3%
    5. Cresco (CRLBF) -12.0%
    6. TerrAscend (TRSSF) -10.9%
    7. Cronos (CRON) -10.1%
  • Aphria (APHA), Medicine Man (SHWZ), Acreage (ACRGF) and Rubicon (ROMJF) went down -9.0%, -7.9%, -2.8% and 1.9%, respectively.

The 25 Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio includes companies doing business in four categories based on their primary area of focus in the cannabis industry. The categories are identified below with how they performed given the performance of the stocks in the portfolio that make up each category:

  1. The Vertically Integrated (i.e. Seed-to-Sale) Category has 21 portfolio participants that grow, process, and sell cannabis and hemp flower and related products and it went down 7.5%.
    • the 7 Canadian Licensed Producer (LPs) portfolio participants  (ACB; CGC; APHA; CRON; OGI; ROMJF and TLRY) went DOWN 22.1%, on average.
    • the 12 U.S. Multi-State Operator (MSOs) portfolio participants (ACRG; AYRSF; CCHWF; CRLBF; CURLF; GTBIF; HRVSF; JUSHF;  PLNHF; SHWZ; TCNNF and TRSSF) went DOWN 12.7%, on average.
    • the 2 hemp seed-to-sale MSO portfolio participants (CWBHF and YCBD) went DOWN 25.3%, on average.
  2. The Extraction Category has 2 portfolio participants (NEPT and VLNCF) focused on the extraction of cannabis compounds and their infusion into consumer products and they went DOWN 25.6%, on average.
  3. The Consumption Devices Category has only 1 portfolio participant  (GNLN) focused on developing and selling personal consumption devices for cannabis consumers such as vape pens and inhalers and it went DOWN 27.0%.
  4. The Biotechnology Category has only 1 portfolio participant (AVCNF) which markets new drugs utilizing cannabinoids (CBD) and it went DOWN 29.0%.

Please note: The 25 stocks in our Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio are just that, pure, deriving 100% of their revenue from the sale of recreational and medicinal cannabis and consumption-related products and, as such, it reflects the true health of the marijuana industry in the U.S. and Canada.

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