Thursday , 20 February 2020

Cannabis Central: What A Difference A Day (or 2) Makes!

A week ago today on TalkMarkets I wrote that:

  • A large number of cannabis company stocks surged on the last trading day of 2019, which could signal the market turnaround we have all been waiting for so stay tunes for updates.”

On Thursday I wrote that:

Today saw the biggest reversal in marijuana stock prices in months with a 1.02% increase on average worldwide.”

Over the weekend I wrote that:

  • stocks jumped 4.5%, on average, this past week. That is extremely refreshing news and hopefully is the harbinger of a ongoing turnaround in the marijuana space” concluding that:
  • while the welcome upward trend was only in a few stocks, it remains to be seen if other companies can get their operations in order to benefit from this welcome positive trend.” If yesterday and today are any indication, however, that seems very much in question.

As you will note in the table below from WeedStreet420, cannabis stocks have once again gone into decline virtually across the board. (All currency figures are in Canadian dollars. Go here to convert into USD.)


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