Tuesday , 7 July 2020


Yesterday’s 10 Most Read Articles

munKNEE.com and eResearch.com publish curated articles that have been edited and abridged for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read as well as original analysis, commentary and research on various companies. Here is an introduction to the most read articles from yesterday:

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The ULTIMATE Guide To Hiring – and Perhaps Firing – A Financial Advisor

Most financial "advisors" are really not trained to be skilled investment experts. They are trained to gather assets and keep their customers happy. They are salespeople. Is your financial "advisor" selling you services that amount to not much more than a smile or is he/she offering real substance that will help you meet your financial goals? You should take a long hard look at your financial advisor and rethink what you expect of them and this summary of articles does just that.

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