Debt and Deficits
Saturday , 28 November 2020

Debt & Deficits

The World is Heading Rapidly Towards Calamity! Got Gold?

2010 will be remembered for the rest of our lives as Armageddon 2010. Things are getting out of control. We are all about to take a cliff dive together into who knows what?! We Are Doomed! The world is now on its road to ruin and there is no action, no leader and no new amount of printed money that can save the world or prevent a hyperinflationary depression. Words: 1716

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Why An Inflationary Depression is Likely in 3 Years and How You Can Protect Yourself

Given that governments are reluctant to take their lumps now, what are the odds that they will do the right thing — outright default and debt restructuring — three years hence when the debt bubble is that much larger, the economy is in worse shape, and the pain of default and austerity is much higher than today's? The words "slim" and "none" come to mind. The world is firmly ensconced on the path to an inflationary depression. Words: 1119

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Japan: The Greece of the East?

Japan is flirting with becoming the Greece of the East. Japan’s legendary household and corporate savings are on a downward trend [and, while current] domestic savers have always been forgiving of the government’s overspending, when [their] savings become inadequate to fund the government’s drain, other investors will be much less sympathetic. Words: 508

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Who is Next in the 'Game' of Sovereign Debt Default Dominos?

In a global crisis sovereign debt fears have the ability to be contagious destroying investor confidence in the capital markets of troubled countries and the overall global economy alike and when confidence wanes, capital flees it is a surefire recipe for falling dominoes. That's especially true today in the wake of a deep global recession that has left many countries with bloated deficits and debt loads. Words: 707

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Here's How the Fed Intends to Avoid Major Inflation Down the Road

Ultimately, the Fed’s official inflation containment strategy is to always be able to offer banks a better deal than any private investment alternative. A better deal means the bank taking in more income, which means the banking executives involved get bigger bonuses. The source of funding for this ability to always pay more than the private markets is the ability to directly create a limitless amount of money. At this point it is a very low interest rate, but the rate can go as high as needed, when inflationary pressures build. Words: 2735

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