Sunday , 12 July 2020


10 Radical Proposals to Save America

While most investors are rightfully focused on the economic ills in the U.S. they are missing the big picture: America faces a debt disaster of untold proportions, the fatal blows of which are now arriving. The [very] survival of the U.S. and our way of life, not to mention many of our liberties, are at stake, which is precisely what gold's recent rally to new record highs is telling you. The dollar - and debt-based monetary system - is irretrievably broken, and its demise is the real reason behind the soaring price of gold. As such, it's now time for the U.S. to rise to the occasion ... to rise above the mistakes of the past — and usher in a new era of monetary stability and I have some radical proposals to do just that. Words: 2287

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U.S. Mortgage Crisis to get MUCH Worse in 2011

The so-called U.S. news outlets are again talking about a “bottom” in the U.S. housing market – and trying to entice more victims to jump in. However, the reality is that mortgage statistics show that the collapse in the U.S. real estate market will continue to get worse until at least 2011. Words: 492

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The Demise of OUR Country is on Borrowed Time – Unless YOU Help Save It! Here's How

The demise of America is on borrowed time - and the end game could be dire - unless YOU do something about it. Congress is a tool of special interests - not OURS! As such, WE, as citizens, must become proactive if we are to protect OUR financial future by solving the Washington debt and tyranny problems and preventing foreign nations and/or creditors from forcing OUR country into bankruptcy and collapse! [What can YOU do to help? Read on!] Words: 2971

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The Weiss Team's 8 Bold Forecasts for 2010 and Beyond

Martin Weiss' team of international experts - Mike Larson in North America, Claus Vogt in Europe, Tony Sagami on Asia, Rudy Martin on South America - and Ron Rowland, one of the nation's foremost experts on international exchange-traded funds (ETFs) met recently to discuss and determine what they think is coming next. They came up with eight new forecasts for 2010 — some very negative, some very positive - and put forth specific, actionable recommendations based on their conclusions. Words: 1969

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The Fed MUST Inflate Away Debt or Default So MAJOR Inflation IS Coming!

If our assessment is correct, over the coming years, stocks, precious metals, commodities and real-estate will appreciate in value versus paper currencies. Furthermore, on a relative basis, we expect precious metals and commodities to outperform all other asset-classes. Conversely, we anticipate that cash and fixed income instruments will probably turn out to be the worst assets to own over the next decade. Words: 869

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Invest in Canada and Generate Emerging Market Returns – Without the Risks

In this hostile financial climate, long-term investors must now give more thought than ever to capital preservation and sustainable growth... and Canada's fortunes will surprise many. Its uniquely bifurcated economy can serve as a bridge from the developed to the developing world - at least for investors wise enough to cross it. Words: 776

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