Saturday , 18 January 2020


Which Measure of Inflation Is Closest to the Truth?

There is a strong belief that independent measures of inflation are false and not trustworthy. I address this issue and show how the rate of inflation is measured today, the historical background of it, and compare different methods to find out which one is closer to the truth.

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American Consumers Are Stressed-Out & Tapped-Out: Here’s How to Take Advantage

Retail sales numbers for July came in at a disappointing 0.0% and, after backing out auto sales, retail sales actually declined by 0.3%. That's in spite of much lower gas prices and (supposedly) an improving job market so my guess is that American consumers are simply running into a brick wall of too much debt. This article suggests 9 companies that could prosper from such financially stressed-out consumers.

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Will Brazil Win Another Economic Gold Medal This Year?

With the Olympic Games underway, many eyes are on Rio...[and, as such,] investors...are...directing more attention to Brazil. While its stock market has had one of the world's best performances to date this year with the MSCI Brazil 25/50 Index up more than 50%...[and] the MSCI Brazil Small Cap Index...[up] over 60%, the question now is, can the rally continue? My take is that it could potentially, but investors need to be willing to accept significant risk. [Let me explain.]

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