Saturday , 18 January 2020


Debunking the Validity of ShadowStats’ Inflation Numbers (+2K Views)

Shadowstats presents what they claim to be the original methodology used by the government to calculate the rate of inflation in the U.S. but Shadowstats' John Williams is not calculating inflation any differently. He is not using the 1980s or 1990s methodology... [Instead,] all he's is doing is taking the CPI data and adding on an arbitrary constant to make it look like inflation is higher!

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Claim That There’s A U.S. Student Loan Crisis Is A Lie! Here’s Why

There is a consensus in the investment markets today believing that student debt is a major credit problem rivaling other credit problems that were disastrous over the last 30 years... This article seeks to explain the lies, damned lies and the statistics surrounding the student debt myth in the United States.

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