Thursday , 24 September 2020


“Checkmate” Is Right Around the Corner For Stock Market & Economy – Here’s Why

Economically we are experiencing the birth pangs of the coming Great Depression and, as we get closer to the crisis that is looming on the horizon, they will become even more powerful. The warning signs are all there – we just have to be open to what they are telling us. This article identifies the many parallels between past economic downturns and what is happening right now.

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Deflation Doesn’t Necessarily Have To Be Bad – Here’s Why

Deflation is often considered a highly unfavorable phenomenon, however there are different types of deflation that have different implications. In other words, the effects of deflation depend to a large extent on the particular context...This article distinguishes between good deflation and bad deflation.

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Deflationary Risks Rising In the U.S. – Here’s Why

Unlike a number of countries in Europe the U.S. is currently not dealing with general price declines but, that being said, the risks of such an occurrence have increased materially. This article outlines a number of such deflationary risks and how they might impact the U.S. economy.

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Financial Entertainment On the Breakdown of the USA: “The Mayans R Us”!

The Mayans R us. One year, they were cavorting bloodthirstily atop their garish painted pyramids and a generation later the jungle was stealing back over the temple steps and the population was a tenth of its former size. The same thing is going to happen to us, except there will be a hell of a lot more worthless, toxic debris left on the landscape. We enter 2015 with greater tensions than ever before and therefore the likelihood is that the inevitable breakdown will release more destructive energy and be that much harder to recover from.

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Is Fed’s Tapering Causing the Stock Market to Begin to Tank (Again)? Will the Fed Back Off (Again)?

Hardly anyone thought the Fed would fulfill their plan to stop monetizing the country's debt - and absolutely no one thinks they’ll succeed if they do - but the Fed is acting like it’s serious. The Fed has stopped adding and started subtracting - the money supply is falling - but will this cause the stock market to begin to tank like it did on the last two attempts causing the Fed to relent?

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True or False: The Fed Can Control the Money Supply & Interest Rates?

Most economists (primarily Keynesians and monetarists) believe that authorities can control the money supply and interest rates, and most neo-Austrians believe that the Fed is all-powerful when it comes to inflating - that whatever inflation rate it wants, it simply manufactures. Is that true or false? Read on for the answer.

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