Tuesday , 28 January 2020


Gold: Calls For New Highs In 2020 Are Premature – Here’s Why

If you are interested in attending a pep rally for much higher gold prices, move on. You won’t find it here. That doesn't mean that gold prices can’t go much higher - they can - but calls for new highs in gold within the next year is a fool’s game. The odds for success are very long.

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Your Financial Entertainment For Today: $14,000 Gold

If gold bullion is the go-to asset for billionaires, why don’t small investors have at least a 10% allocation to gold and silver bullion just in case? Some do, but most don’t. They’ll find out the hard way what individuals have learned over centuries and millennia - gold preserves wealth; paper assets do not.

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Gold Going To Somewhere Between $25,000 & $36,000/ozt

Stephen Leeb asserts that if the U.S. and China work together to tackle the world’s biggest problems it will eventually result in a new monetary system that will be backed by gold which will cause gold to rise to anywhere between $25,000 and $36,000 per troy ounce although Leeb does not provide any substantiation (or a time line) for such a claim

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