Monday , 30 March 2020

Asset Allocation

Your Portfolio: What IS & IS NOT Effective Diversification

Investors are paying more and more attention to how certain strategies, asset classes or investments perform over shorter and shorter time frames, constantly looking for the best or worst performing sector/smart beta style/ETF/hedge fund/portfolio strategy during the latest two day or even two month sell-off or rebound. That’s not how you build a long-lasting portfolio. This article discusses some of the misconceptions about diversification.

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4 Penny Stocks With +10% Dividend Growth

A dividend-paying stock provides protection against capital depreciation, as well as a constant stream of income. The stocks on our list today have a track record of increasing their dividend payouts by more than 10% compounded.

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Here’s Evidence That Dividends Are the Slow & Steady Path to Long-Term Wealth

Dividends may be boring if you’re looking for casino-like thrills, but slow and steady is the path to long-term wealth. The comments above and below are excerpts from an article by Tony Sagami ( which has been edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) to provide a faster and easier read. I love dividends, and I’m far from alone. Do you know the only thing …

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You Won’t Overpay For These 5 Penny Tech Stocks

Tech stocks have been moving higher in recent weeks but, before considering buying tech penny stocks, investors should always consider valuation multiples to make sure they are not overpaying. This article presents a list of 5 such stocks with low EV/EBITDA multiples compared to its peers.

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Long Gold, Silver or Miners? If So, Take Your Profits Now – Here’s Why

Everyone seems to think that gold, silver, platinum, palladium and related miners are all on a moonshot now and will triple, quadruple and more — all without ever looking back - but all that does is convince me why 90% of investors almost always lose money in the markets. They act like herds, chasing the latest trend. They buy the highs and bail out at the lows, in herds.

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Brexit Is the First Domino To Fall – Got Cash?

We just needed one major negative catalyst to bring the markets down and we got that in the Brexit. Obviously with the process for the UK to exit the EU possibly taking over two years of negotiating to actually happen, this will be a constant weight on the markets in Europe and on U.S. multinationals doing business there. Those who are in a high percentage of cash right now will be shooting fish in a barrel when this all gets played out.

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