Monday , 30 March 2020

Asset Allocation

Using a Momentum Investing Strategy Is the Way to Go – Here’s Proof

In volatile markets you must be able to go to cash when markets become dangerous. That is exactly what the momentum selection model does well. It protects your capital on the downside and enables it to grow on the upside! If you insist on staying in the stock market at all times, even perfect foresight cannot protect you. The ability and willingness to periodically run away beats the macho strategy of holding on.

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Is “Buy & Hold” the Way to Approach These Markets?

Assume that we are at a point corresponding to the beginning of 2007. How would our investing/trading techniques weather the same conditions represented by this most recent market adjustment? Would we be able to mitigate the losses (or even avoid them)? A traditional buy & hold, diversified investing strategy will be evaluated here.

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Stock Market Alert! These Articles Say What’s Up (& Possibly Going Down)

With the stock market forging ahead it is imperative that those who manage other peoples money (and/or their own) become extremely well read - beyond their normal corporate reports, opinions and analyses - on the reality of what is evolving in the marketplace from as many different perspectives as possible. Because it would take days to gather such information we have gathered together a number of such articles on the subject with introductory paragraphs and hyperlinks to each. They are well worth your time to read.

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Gold May Be Richly Valued: Caution is Warranted

I am not married to my ideas and neither should you be. While I have covered the long-term bullish argument in the past, I believe there are some indications that gold is richly valued in the interim. Caution is warranted.

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Stock Market Performances in 21 Countries – Is Your’s Doing Better or Worse?

A lot has been made of strong stock market returns around the world so far this year, but adjusting for currency moves, the returns look a little less flattering. The U.S. dollar is up nearly 4% year to date, while currencies like the Japanese yen, the British pound and the euro are all down. Below is a look at the year-to-date stock market performance of 21 major countries around the world. For each country, we highlight its 2013 performance in local currency vs. U.S. dollar adjusted terms.

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S&P 500 Stocks Most Overbought & Most Undersold

The average S&P 500 stock is currently 4.33% above its 50-day, which is a very high reading. The S&P 500 itself is trading 3.5% above its 50-day. Below is a list of the 35 S&P 500 stocks that are currently trading the farthest above their 50-days and a list of the 35 that are the farthest below.

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