Sunday , 26 January 2020


These 7 GARP (Growth At a Reasonable Price) Stocks Should Offer Solid Returns Soon

The Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP) strategy identifies stocks that are priced below the market or any reasonable target determined by fundamental analysis. These stocks also have solid prospects in terms of cash flow, revenues, earnings per share (EPS) and so on. Using the GARP principle, we have run a screen to identify stocks that should offer solid returns in the near term and found 7 such stocks of which 4 are highlighted in this post.

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These 2 Gold Stocks Should DOUBLE In Value IF…

These 2 companies as the best risk/reward gold producers at the present time. Their stocks should outperform the price of gold significantly - if it rises. In fact, I expect these stocks to double in value if gold reaches $2,500/ozt..

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