Tuesday , 26 May 2020


Double Your Money Every 5 Years! Here’s How

It’s been 12 years (2005 – 2017) and I’m still actively picking stocks with a 15% compound annual return. Hopefully I can keep it up because, at 15% compound annual returns, I can double my money about every 5 years, without taking on too much risk.

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Niche ETFs: When & How To Use Them

Niche ETFs can be used in different ways: as tactical, short-term tools to express a view on a pocket of the market or as long-term plays that take time to come to fruition—like millennials or, say, solar energy, but they come with risks discussed in this article.

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Market Crashes: How Gold & Gold Stock Performance Compared to the S&P 500

The market crash of 2008 did not just hurt the S&P, it hurt real estate and gold equities. The sell off was brutal. Was 2008 an isolated incident or does a crash in general equities always spell doom for gold and gold stocks? This article examines 5 previous bear markets starting in 1973 in the S&P and looks at the performance of gold and gold stocks.

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