Tuesday , 26 May 2020

Stock Indices

October Will Be a Challenging Month for Investors for These 6 Reasons

October has a well-deserved reputation of being a volatile month for the market. Historically, it is the second-worst performing month after September, and it has had its share of market meltdowns (1929, 1987). I don't foresee anything that dramatic this October after the long rally. However, I think it is going to be a challenging month for investors for a variety of reasons. [Below are 10 reasons to be wary this October in particular.] Words: 498

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I'm Worried About the Likelihood of a Sharp Market Decline This Fall – For These Reasons

Back in April and May, it looked like the economy was falling apart, the euro was going to come unglued, and stocks were going to plunge. Sentiment was extremely bearish and volatility was jumping. Now in August, you can't find a bear anywhere on Wall Street! Me? I continue to be worried about the likelihood of a sharp market decline this fall for several reasons which I share with you below. Words: 495

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These 6 Factors Suggest Avoiding Equities in the Foreseeable Future

The six factors discussed in this article suggest a near-term peak for equity markets, avoiding fresh exposure to equities at these levels and selling some of one's equity holdings. Long-term investors can still ignore the volatility and buy quality stocks, however, it would make more sense to buy the same stocks after the markets decline 10%-15% than buying it at current levels. [Let me explain more fully.] Words: 665

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Stock Market Predicts With 86-88% Accuracy Who Will Win in November

Stocks have an incredible track record of picking the President ahead of the election. The S&P 500's price performance during the three calendar months leading up to the presidential election has predicted whether the President would be re-elected or replaced with 86% and 88% accuracy, respectively. We're only 15 days into this indicator but, so far, it's pointing to the incumbent. [There's more! Read on.] Words: 250

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BMO: We're On the Verge of the Next Bull Market! Here's Why

BMO chief investment strategist Brian Belski went on Bloomberg TV yesterday and made a huge call: he told viewers that "we're on the verge of the next great bull market" in stocks ( see video here) outlining his bullish thesis based on 16 economic and market indicators he factored into his call which can be seen here.

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Consumer Discretionary Stock Performance Key to Market Direction – Here's Why

Renewed leadership by the sectors that stand to benefit most from a stronger economy and profit growth down the road...could be one of the best indications that perhaps the worst is indeed behind us and the rally has more room to run. However, if these cyclical sectors fail to participate more fully, that would be a signal of more potential trouble ahead. [Let me explain.] Words: 840

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