Thursday , 22 October 2020

Stocks & ETFunds

Cannabis Central: Most Pot Stocks Are Losers YTD But These 6 Are Winners

Only 6 pure-play non-penny pot stocks are UP year-to-date out of a total of 300 actively traded cannabis stocks listed on the various North American stock exchanges. These "momentum" stocks, representing just 2% of the total, suggest that their companies are well managed, well financed and executing their respective business plans in such a manner as to have the confidence of serious marijuana stock investors. As such, they deserve your attention and this article does just that.

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Prepare & Prosper – Gold Equities Could Experience +1000% Returns Once Again! (3K Views)

We are in the eye of the storm and when the other side of the vortex engulfs us gold and silver will increase considerably, their associated stocks will go up substantially and their warrants, where available, will escalate dramatically. With what has happened in the world of late and what will be unfolding in the next 5 years or so those few investors who fully understand the impact the current economic situation is going to have on future inflation, the USD, interest rates, the stock market, physical gold and silver and gold and silver stocks and warrants in particular are going to be in the unique position of being the benefactors of currently unimaginable returns and wealth. All they need do, as I like to say, is “Just prepare and prosper!” Words: 918

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