Thursday , 9 April 2020


Most Vape-related Stocks Bounced Back in October

The vaping crisis has negatively impacted the performance of the major suppliers of cannabis extract for use in vape pens and the manufacturers of said pens creating a scenario where there will be some clear losers - and winners. Here's how such companies performed in October.

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These 2 Pot Stock Warrants Provide Major Leverage

There are 25 warrants with various expiration dates (duration) trading but all but 2 expire in less than 24 months so they are not listed in this article as such warrants could well expire before their respective exercise prices are met. Below is an update on how those 2 warrants performed compared to their underlying stock in the month of October.

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Cannabis Central: These Are the Industry’s 5 Cannabis-related Sectors

An investor won’t learn anything useful by comparing margins of a retailer to the margins of a consumer packaged goods company and, as such, it is imperative that companies within each of the 5 cannabis-related sectors in the industry have their relevant metrics compared directly with each other to provide competent analysis.

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Legalization Of Cannabis-infused Products Causes Pot Stocks to Jump 7% – Here Are the Major Winners

The October 17th legalization of the sale of marijuana-infused beverages and edibles in Canada (referred to as Cannabis 2.0) effective December 17th, gave the cannabis market a much needed shot in the arm with the overall market advancing by 7% and one extraction stock increasing by 16.8% in anticipation of the demand that event will have on its sales, valuation and stock price.

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