Tuesday , 14 July 2020


Cannabis Central: Which Of These 35 Companies Have the Lowest Cash Burn?

...We think the marijuana industry is closer to the end than the beginning of this selloff but, adding up the potential catalysts, both positive and negative, it looks like sentiment is still solidly in the selloff category for now. Overall, however, there is more than enough potential return if investors play it safe and own the stocks with a very good chance of weathering the storm. [To that end, this article looks at 35 companies, both American and Canadian, and identifies those that have] the lowest cash burn and the deepest discount to net assets.

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Marijuana-infused Beverage Stocks Sank 19% In October Despite Advent Of Cannabis 2.0

The sale of marijuana-infused beverages became legal in Canada on October 17 and such products will be launched into the market place as early as mid-December. That announcement saw some short-lived positive price action with the 8 beverage companies intending to become major players in the marijuana-infused beverage sector but they continue to sink in value, down 18.8% since the end of September. Below is the performance of each of the 8 companies in the month of October.

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Most Vape-related Stocks Bounced Back in October

The vaping crisis has negatively impacted the performance of the major suppliers of cannabis extract for use in vape pens and the manufacturers of said pens creating a scenario where there will be some clear losers - and winners. Here's how such companies performed in October.

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These 2 Pot Stock Warrants Provide Major Leverage

There are 25 warrants with various expiration dates (duration) trading but all but 2 expire in less than 24 months so they are not listed in this article as such warrants could well expire before their respective exercise prices are met. Below is an update on how those 2 warrants performed compared to their underlying stock in the month of October.

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