Tuesday , 7 April 2020


Cannabis Central: Marijuana Industry Taking World By Storm

The billion-dollar cannabis industry is reaching new heights. While stigma and restrictions still exist, these haven’t slowed the industry’s global growth, and it’s projected at almost $32 billion by 2022. Today’s infographic explains CBD’s therapeutic benefits and why it’s taking the world by storm.

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Cannabis Central: 5 Reasons Why Federal Legalization Is Coming To U.S.

Growth investors are best positioned for significant capital appreciation 2-3 years prior to inflections in parabolic growth and we are squarely in that window now for marijuana in America. The infographic below presents the 5 most compelling reasons why federal marijuana legalization in the United States of America is inevitable.

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Cannabis Central: All You Need To Know About the “Pot” Stocks/ETFs Sector

The vast majority of articles on investing in pot stocks are shallow opinion pieces often promoting the stock of the day. Not so with the following Cannabis Central articles written by Lorimer Wilson, the editor of munKNEE.com - Your Key To Making Money! His articles have sliced and diced the marijuana sector to inform potential investors of the various ways to invest in this burgeoning market like no other true analyst of this category.

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