Thursday , 4 June 2020


U.S. Health Care Most Expensive – Yet Worst – In World! Which is the Best? (+3K Views)

The cost of basic (and not so basic) health insurance in the U.S. is BY FAR the most expensive in the world, and certainly among its "wealthy-nation" peers, yet, while It would be logical to think that, as a result of this premium, the quality of the healthcare offered would be among the best, if not the best, in the world. Unfortunately, that would be wrong and, in fact, the reality is the complete opposite.

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COVID-19: U.S. States & Cities With Most At-Risk Populations Based on Age

The data is clear that novel coronavirus COVID-19 is dangerous for people of all ages, but is particularly lethal for older individuals. This article reviews just how many Americans are 65 and older in various places across the country. While this data analysis doesn’t show us how to solve the problem, it does show us just how large the devastation could be.

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