Monday , 17 February 2020


Cannabis Central Presents: Marijuana Tax Revenue By State

State tax revenue is the main reason for legalizing the sale of medical and recreational marijuana. The U.S. cannabis market was worth an $11.3 billion in 2018 - and is expected to reach about $30 billion by 2025. Here's a look at the latest annual marijuana tax revenue by state where it is legal to sell marijuana.

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Cannabis Central: What A Difference A Day (or 2) Makes!

A week ago today on TalkMarkets I wrote that: “A large number of cannabis company stocks surged on the last trading day of 2019, which could signal the market turnaround we have all been waiting for so stay tunes for updates.” On Thursday I wrote that: “Today saw the biggest reversal in marijuana stock prices in months with a 1.02% increase on average …

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Cannabis Central Presents Wednesday’s Winners and Losers

Over the weekend I wrote that “Stocks jumped 4.5%, on average, this past week. That is extremely refreshing news and hopefully is the harbinger of an ongoing turnaround in the marijuana space” and then, yesterday in an exclusive article here on TalkMarkets  lamenting that the major decline in pot stocks, in general, on Monday and Tuesday (replacing the 2-day 4.5% upward trend established last …

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Cannabis Central Looks At the Week That Was – Ugh!

Pot stocks declined relentlessly week after week in 2019 – declining 64.6% from their peaks in March/April by the end of the year – and have continued to do so in 2020. The first week of January (w/e Jan.3rd) saw cannabis stocks end the year with a refreshing increase of 5.1% (see TalkMarkets article here) but this past week cannabis …

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What a Difference A Year Makes! Only 10 Pot Stocks Now Have $1B+ Mkt. Caps

In the volatile cannabis sector, a lot of things can change over the course of a year. At this current point in time, there are only 10 marijuana stocks with market caps over the $1 billion mark. We’ve put together the following list of the top 10 cannabis stocks with market caps above $1 billion CDN. The list is ranked in order of highest to lowest and all numbers are in CDN unless otherwise stated.

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Only These 45 Pot Stocks Generate US$7.5M+ In Sales per Quarter

Below is a list of those revenue producing cannabis stocks, based on the most recent financial filings, that generate industry sales of more than US$7.5 million per quarter. 45 companies currently qualify for inclusion, with 29 filing in U.S dollars and 16 in the Canadian currency.

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