Thursday , 20 February 2020


Cannabis Central: The Week That Was Was Wonderful But…

Pot stocks declined relentlessly week after week in 2019 - declining 64.6% from their peaks in March/April by the end of the year. Said stocks, however, jumped 4.5%, on average, this past week. That is extremely refreshing news and hopefully is the harbinger of a ongoing turnaround in the marijuana space.

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These 154 Pot Stocks Are Listed On the CSE

When the TMX Group decided not to allow cannabis companies with any material interest in the U.S. to be listed on either of its 2 stock exchanges - the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) - the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) filled the void agreeing to list such stocks provided they disclosed all its risks properly to shareholders. Below is a list of the 155 marijuana-related companies with their trading symbol and a short description of each. 

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Will Major Pot Stock Tax-Loss Selling Happen Again This Year?

Tax-loss selling last year began in earnest on November 7th in 2018 with the various marijuana indices dropping 40%, on average, by the end of 2018 before increasing by 50% by the end of January, 2019. This article examines the prospect for such a swing in pot stock prices this year.

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Cannabis Central: Debt Deals In December Shifted To Debt From Equity

With cannabis companies still requiring capital to operate and grow their businesses debt deals have shifted from highly dilutive equity financing to debt from equity given the current depressed stock prices even though adding debt payments could hamper short-term profitability. This article identifies a few such deals.

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Cannabis Central: Biggest Winners & Losers & Why

Out of over 250+ marijuana and marijuana-related stocks listed on the CSE (155), TSXV (42), TSX (18), NASDAQ (18), NYSE (11) and the NEO (7) only the following xxx stocks saw noteworthy gains on Monday, December 23, 2019. Here's why.

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