Tuesday , 11 August 2020


Stats & Facts About Marijuana and the Marijuana Industry

We present below a plethora of stats and facts you need to know about the marijuana market, projected marijuana industry trends, marijuana types, marijuana health and wellness benefits and marijuana consumer makeup to give you better insight into the fledgling and burgeoning recreational and medical cannabis market.

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Your Financial Entertainment For Today: $14,000 Gold

If gold bullion is the go-to asset for billionaires, why don’t small investors have at least a 10% allocation to gold and silver bullion just in case? Some do, but most don’t. They’ll find out the hard way what individuals have learned over centuries and millennia - gold preserves wealth; paper assets do not.

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Cannabis Central Presents: Marijuana Tax Revenue By State

State tax revenue is the main reason for legalizing the sale of medical and recreational marijuana. The U.S. cannabis market was worth an $11.3 billion in 2018 - and is expected to reach about $30 billion by 2025. Here's a look at the latest annual marijuana tax revenue by state where it is legal to sell marijuana.

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James Turk: Why Gold is Preferred to National Currencies (+2K Views)

Some say that the gold price rises and falls, but they are grabbing the wrong end of the stick. It is the purchasing power of national currencies that rise and fall. Here is an analogy to make this point clear. When standing in a boat and looking at the shore, it is the boat (currencies) – and not the land (gold) – that is bobbing up and down. [Let me explain the value of gold further.] Words: 631

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