Eat Beyond Inc. Invests In Alternative Food Companies - Check It Out! -
Friday , 22 January 2021

Eat Beyond Inc. Invests In Alternative Food Companies – Check It Out!

$17 billion has been invested in the plant-based food industry to date, and the unprecedented success of Beyond Meat has shone a spotlight on the industry. This has led to the launch, last week, of an investment fund, Eat Beyond Inc. (CSE:EATS), that invests in companies that are developing and commercializing innovative alternative meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy food products as well as companies that offer vegan packaging supplies and services to the sector.

There are currently 8 companies in the fund of which only The Very Good Food Company, a constituent in the new munKNEE Pure-Play Plant-Based Food Stocks Index (see here), is publicly traded. In addition, the last two companies on the list below are ancillary companies, not pure-play food-based food companies. The details are as follows:

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Current Portfolio Companies
  1. The Very Good Food Company Inc. (VYRRF) designs, develops, produces, distributes and sells a variety of plant-based “meat” and other food alternatives including The Very Good Butcher products.
  2. Eat JUST, Inc. is the maker of JUST Egg which is available in most major grocery chains in the United States and for purchase online via Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, Instacart and Walmart.
  3. TurtleTree Pte. Ltd. recreates the taste of milk using the latest cutting-edge innovation with the aim of disrupting this multi-billion-dollar industry while reducing its carbon footprint and providing millions with access to higher quality dairy products.
  4. Nabati Foods Inc. creates plant-based foods that are certified gluten-free, soy-free, certified kosher, and certified vegan including chocolate, desserts and cheese for the North American market.
  5. Greenspace Brands Inc. develops, markets and sells premium natural food products across North America including 100% organic food for infants and toddlers, and a clean snacking brand.
  6. SingCell Tx Pte Ltd. is building a fake meat-manufacturing platform in Singapore to enable alternative “meat” companies to access Asia-Pacific and global markets.
  7. Good Natured Products Inc. is a publicly traded company producing and distributing a wide assortments of plant-based food packaging for home and business products and restaurant/takeout containers.
  8. Above Food Inc. develops and distributes premium, whole plant alternatives to meat and dairy by creating delicious, nutrient-dense consumer products and branded ingredients using a proprietary blend of plant proteins created from heirloom pulses and gluten free grains. Above Food brings its products to market by leveraging strategic relationships with leading co-packers, distributors, and direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms.

Eat Beyond Inc. has only been listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange since a week ago last Tuesday but it makes an ideal complement to the Pure-Play Plant-Based Food Stocks Index and, as such, its performance will be tracked on a weekly basis going forward.

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