How Well Did Non-penny Pot Stocks Do Last Week? Terribly! Check it Out -
Sunday , 7 March 2021

How Well Did Non-penny Pot Stocks Do Last Week? Terribly! Check it Out

The Non-penny Pot Stock Index had another down week with 22 of the 29 constituents going DOWN of which 17 did so in excess of 5% with the remaining 7 going UP of which only 1 did so in excess of 5%. In total, the index went DOWN 6.2% week-ending June 26th. The details are as follows:

By Lorimer Wilson, editor/publisher of A financial site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds

1 constituent went UP by 5% or more, namely:

  • Greenlane (GNLN) +10.7%

7 constituents went DOWN by 10% or more, namely:

  • XPhyto (XPHYF) -19.5%; Charlotte’s Web (CWBHF) -18.0%; Medicine Man (SHWZ) -15.2%; New Age (NBEV) -14.7%Organigram (OGI) -11.6%Avicanna (AVCNF) -7.5%; Innovative Industrial REIT (IIPR) -6.7%

10 constituents went DOWN between 5% and 9.9%, namely:

  • Village Farms (VFF) -9.2%; Aphria (APHA) -8.3%; Canopy Growth (CGC) -8.0%Planet 13 (PLNHF) -8.0%; cbdMD (YCBD) -7.9%GW Pharma (GWPH) -7.3%TerrAscend (TRSSF) -7.0%Aurora (ACB) -6.7%; Cronos (CRON) -6.5%Cresco (CRLBF) -6.0%

11 constituents had price changes of less than 5%.

As mentioned in previous articles the pot stock universe has:

  • 400+ pure-play and ancillary securities listed on the various Canadian and American stock exchanges,
  • 300 or so of the listed securities trade occasionally of which
  • 200 actively trade on a regular basis of which only
  • 29 stocks trade for at least US$1/share and, as such, are included in my proprietary equally-weighted Non-penny Pot Stock Index of which:
    • 2 trade above US$20/share,
    • 4 trade between US$10 and US$20/share,
    • 4 trade between US$5 and US$10/share and
    • 19 trade between US$1 and US$5/share. (The official definition of a “penny” stock is one that trades below US$5/share but, when it comes to pot stocks, that is where 90% of the total universe trades, so the more literal definition of stocks that trade for less than US$1/share is used.) The official definition of a “penny” stock is one that trades below US$5/share but, when it comes to pot stocks, that is where 90% of the total universe trades, so the more literal definition of stocks that trade for less than US$1/share is used.

The market capitalization makeup of the NPSI (calculated by multiplying the number of a company’s shares outstanding by its stock price per share) is as follows:

  • Large-Cap (+US$10B): 0
  • Mid-Cap (US$2B to US$10B): 3
  • Small-Cap (US$300M to US$2B): 10
  • Micro-Cap (US$50M to US$300M): 16

The constituents do business in 6 sector categories as follows based on their primary area of focus in the cannabis industry and the constituents within each category are identified below with how each of the categories performed:

  1. Vertically Integrated “Seed to Sale” Category: -5.0%
    • 22 constituents are in this category, namely:  ACRGF; ACB; APHA; AVCNF; AYRSF; CCHWF; CGC; CRLBF; CRON;  GTBIF; CURLF; CWBHF; JUSHF; OGI; PLNHF; ROMJF; SHWZ; TCNNF; TLRY; TRSSF; VFF; YCBD.
    • 8 are Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs) and
    • 14 are American Multi-State Operators (MSOs) of which
      • 3 specialize in the cultivation, processing and sale of hemp derived CBD
  2. Extraction Category: +5.4%
    • 2 constituents are in this category, namely: NEPT and VLNCF
    • both constituents are Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs)
  3. BioPharma Category: -7.5%
    • 2 constituents are in this category, namely: GWPH  and XPHYF
  4. Marijuana-Infused Products Category: -14.7%
    • 1 constituent is in this category, namely: NBEV
  5. Consumption Devices Category: +10.7%
    • 1 constituent is in this category, namely: GNLN
  6. Real Estate Category: -6.7%
    • 1 constituent is in this category, namely: IIPR

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