Monday , 6 July 2020

My Christmas Gift To You Is Ownership Of! Any Interest?

Illness necessitates that I spend less time on my unique & successful financial site ( – Your KEY To Making Money!) of 10 years running.  If you’re interested in exploring the opportunity of taking my site to the next level as associate editor/webmaster and being rewarded with full ownership – at absolutely no cost to you – at the end of the second year of involvement then please read on. Thank you. Lorimer WilsonLorimer Wilson with Gold Bar

Ideally, the individual will:

  • have the time (i.e. probably retired) to devote a minimum of 2/3 hours each and every day:
    • maintaining the site,
    • selecting appropriate articles for editing/re-posting,
    • and publishing a bi-weekly newsletter (optional),
  • have sufficient technical abilities to act as web master and
    • grow search engine and other site referrals
    • and enhance social network activity,
  • have the interest and ability to edit and abridge articles selected for posting. This is a MAJOR requirement.

The new partner would:

  • keep 100% of all incremental gross income generated in the first 12 months,
  • keep 25% of the site’s total gross revenue during the 2nd year and
  • assume 100% ownership – and revenue at the beginning of the 3rd year.

If you like what you see in and would rather buy it outright then let’s discuss a fair price.

Below is a promotional article I have posted on which outlines the unique features of the site. If you like what it represents and would like to discuss becoming involved please indicate your interest in the Comment section below and I will contact you directly with further details.


There is no need to spend time searching the internet (i.e. clicking around) looking for articles worthYour-key-to-making-Money reading. We do it for you and bring them to you each day via the “internet’s most informative site for financial articles” and in our bi-weekly newsletter.

Written by: Lorimer Wilson, editor, (Your Key to Making Money!)

Below is what is so special – so unique – about

You won’t waste your time:

  • surfing the net (clicking around) trying to find articles that are informative and thought provoking. We do it for you!
  • opening articles that have titles that misrepresent the content of the article. Every article has a descriptive title!
  • having to visit another site to finish reading the article. Stay and enjoy!
  • reading articles that are poorly presented and with shallow content. No such articles are posted on!
  • reading articles that are unfocused, ego trips or verbose. All articles are edited for a fast & easy read!
  • reading articles that don’t have descriptive opening paragraphs and concluding comments. All articles have been edited to include such an article “wrap”!
  • trying to find other articles on the subject for a broader perspective. Every article provides links to many such articles!

Every article posted on is:

  1. personally selected from hundreds of financial, economic, investment and gold/silver articles reviewed every day to select those thought to be the most informative and thought provoking. (It’s amazing how many articles out there are a waste of time reading – shallow, self-serving, “same old, same old” and poorly constructed.)
  2. edited, where necessary, for the sake of brevity, clarity, grammar and structure to ensure a fast and easy read. (Why read 1,200 words when it can all be much better said in only 900?)
  3. given a new title so you know what you are about to read. (Don’t you just hate misleading or non-descriptive titles?)
  4. introduced with a descriptive paragraph of the contents. (The lengthy preamble and side-track commentary of many articles is omitted so you can get right to the essence of the article.)
  5. concluded with a summary paragraph that pulls the entire article together in one or two succinct sentences. (You are not left hanging as to the author’s summation once you have read the article.)
  6. presented without editorial commentary. (Who wants to read my opinion!)
  7. given full attribution to the author, his/her site and the original source. (Every effort is made to comply with the letter and spirit of copyright law.)
  8. provided with a list of related articles, complete with hyperlinks and introductory paragraphs, to give you further points of view on the subject. (One article does not tell the whole story. Varied opinion or confirmation is important to better understand a subject.)
  9. included in an “Market Intelligence Report” newsletter which is sent out FREE to subscribers on a bi-weekly basis. (Sign up in top right hand corner.)
  10. posted on Facebook where you can “Follow-the-munKNEE” and have your say.

Provides links to a major archive of articles:

Thanks for dropping by.

Stay awhile and read some of the best articles the internet has to offer – and then come back tomorrow for a few more. 


  1. Dear Lorimer,

    What a wonderfully unusual and gracious gift you’re giving…and what a remarkable opportunity for some fortunate person.

    I hope you’re inundated by such qualified applicants that choosing the best one becomes a challenge.

    If I were just 40 years younger…

    Blessings to you–mind, body, and soul,


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