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18 Silver “Analysts” Now Forecast Anywhere From $5/ozt. To $1,200/ozt. Is Likely (+2K Views)

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Some analysts are forecasting as high as $1,200/ozt. – but a few are suggesting that silver could go considerably lower in price – as low as $5/ozt.. Below are their projections and rationale.

Written by: Lorimer Wilson, Managing Editor of

1.  Silver Headed Below $10

Kelsey Williams: “Silver, primarily an industrial commodity, is going to come under extreme pressure because of the slowdown in economic activity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and is likely headed straight for familiar territory below $10 per ounce, where it could stay for several year.  Indeed, it might even go below $5 per troy ounce, though, and last for decades if the economy were to enter a depression (not recession).” Continue reading...

2. Silver Could Drop to $7 In Coming Recession! Here’s Why 

Gold Bug: “The economy of China is slowing and U.S GDP growth figures are constantly being revised downward and this does not bode well for silver, because demand for commodities depends on economic growth and if growth falters silver could fall to as low as $7/ozt., a level we would have previously found unimaginable.” Continue reading…

3. Bull Run In Silver Could Take It Above $160/ozt – Here’s Why

Nick Giambruno: “Once the dollar starts to lose its value in earnest…people will panic into precious metals just like they did in the ’70s and ’80s, and much of that money will make its way into the tiny silver market (roughly 1/10th the size of the gold market). This will cause the price to spike above $160 a troy ounce. It’s a predictable pattern. Bottom line, the stars are aligned for a silver price spike for the record books and now is the perfect time to get in.” Continue reading…

4. Silver Prices: How High Will They Go? $100? $300? $500?

Gary Christenson“Silver prices for the next decade are dependent upon many unknowns but a ‘more of the same’ financial world suggests silver prices will rise toward $100 in the next 5 – 7 years. A more aggressive chart interpretation shows prices for silver rallying toward $200 – $300 per troy ounce. Indeed, if the powers-that-be create or can’t stop hyper-inflation of the dollar, $500 silver will look inexpensive by the end of the decade.”  Continue reading…

5. Silver Breakout To $22.50-$24.00 Coming In Next 2-4 Months – Then Quickly To +$85/ozt!

Chris Vermeulen: “We believe silver will soon…move up to well above $85 per troy ounce.  Ultimately, we estimate it will likely top somewhere between $90 and $550.” Continue reading…

6. The Case For $25 Silver – Possibly $68 Silver – Or Even $90 Silver – In the Next Few Years

Lorimer Wilson: “Every time the gold:silver ratio has reached at least 82:1, it has led to major rallies in the silver market. For example, in mid-2003 the gold:silver ratio peaked at 82:1 and over the next 5 years, silver went up 320%; at the end of 2008 the gold:silver ratio again peaked above 82:1 and, over the next 2 years, silver went up 453% and in early 2016 the gold:silver ratio again topped 82:1 and, over the next year, silver went up 52%.” Today the gold:silver ratio is at 95:1 so it is reasonable to expect a major rally in the price of silver. Continue reading…

7. A Minimum Target of $675 for Silver Is NOT Wishful Thinking! Here’s Why

Hubert Moolman: “The 70s pattern is very similar to the pattern that currently exists. Therefore, I do not think it is wishful thinking that silver will reach the target of $675 as a minimum.” Continue reading…

8. My Prediction For Silver 5 Years Out Is $100-$200

Mike Maloney: “Investment demand for silver bullion has risen sharply and, with the silver market being so tiny, it doesn’t take much investment to have an out-sized impact on its price. Silver is dramatically undervalued and represents a very compelling investment opportunity. My prediction for silver 5 years out is $100-$200.” Source 

9. The Price Of Silver Could Hit US$130/ozt. – Possibly $1,000

Keith Neumeyer“Silver is an extremely critical metal – a strategic metal – and the investment community will figure it out eventually” and, when they do, he believes the white metal could reach the US$130 level and, if gold were to hit $10,000, he could see silver at $1,000. Source

10. Silver Price Forecast: $169 by 2025

Jason Hamlin: “The silver bull has awakened and when silver finally breaks out, the move tends to be very explosive! I think we could see silver climb to $169…by the end of 2025. Source 

11. Our 5 Year Silver Forecast Is $70-$95/ozt.

Gov Capital: “Based on our custom algorithm we predict that silver will range between $70 and $95 in 5 years time.” Source

12. Upside For Silver Is Fantastic – Here’s Why

Dumb Money: “History does serve as a guide for what’s normal and, based on the simple historical average, the price of silver should be about $62 per troy ounce.

13. Silver Could See An All-Time Price Above $50

Eric Fry: “When this ballgame ends…silver will be topping $35 an ounce and an extra-inning affair would not surprise me, lifting…the silver price to a new all-time high above $50.” Source

14. $50 to $100 Coming In Next 12 Months

Mark O’Byrne: “It is important investors focus on gold and silver’s value as hedging and safe haven assets rather than their nominal price highs in dollars.” That being said he believes silver could rise to between $50 and $100. Source

15. Gold Will Go Ballistic When the USD Goes “Zimbabwe”

Goldrunner: “My fractal analysis chart work on Silver clearly points to Silver going up to $800 to $1,200/ozt a bit later than 2025.

16. $35 Coming In 2021 and $50 In the Medium-Term

Bank of America sees “$35 per oz. feasible next year, but highlights that the white metal could rally to $50 per oz. in the medium-term.” Source

17. $50 Is A Very Realistic Target

Tom Fitzpatrick believes “a move back once more towards the $50 area is a very realistic target for Silver– and not necessarily something that will take years to materialize.” Source

18. Jim Willie: $50 in a couple of months

  • “Expect very little consolidation in a quick march to the $35 mark, then to $50 in….a few months, not a couple of years.” Source

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