Latest Pot, Psychedelic & Plant-Based Portfolio Performances -
Friday , 22 January 2021

Latest Pot, Psychedelic & Plant-Based Portfolio Performances

This is an exclusive post for visitors of the performance of the stocks within the pot, psychedelic and plant-based stock portfolios YTD, for the month of October and last week. Share the information with your financial advisor/portfolio manager as he has never seen such information in such a comparative analysis.

By Lorimer Wilson, Managing Editor of munKNEE.comA unique financial site for those with sore eyes and inquisitive minds. Sign up in the top right hand corner of this page to receive the weekly Market Intelligence Report of the latest articles posted on the site (see sample here).

The articles below were written for posting exclusively on TalkMarkets. Go here for my site profile and a recap of all my articles posted there.

1. Cannabis Central: 64% Of Pure-Play Pot Stock Index Constituents Are Up YTD – 6 Have More Than Doubled

16 of the 25 stocks in the Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio are up YTD. This article identifies those stocks and their percentage increases over the past 11 months.

2. Psychedelic Stocks Really Took Off Last Week

Thirty-one bio-pharmaceutical companies are now involved in the research and development of psychedelic compounds to treat mental health issues.

3. New Plant-Based Pure-Play Food Stocks Index Up 4.9% Last Week

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