Most Recent Articles       August 11, 2020
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Here's Proof: Gold Is the Best Way To Preserve Wealth - Period!
it is evident that holding gold should be a priority for investors considering the looming economic uncertainty within the economy, as well as the historically superior performance of gold over the last 20 years.
The Road to Eventual Hyperinflation & Financial/Political Collapse
What I outline below is not a forecast but a potential scenario which I sincerely hope won’t come to pass but the risk of going down the road to political and financial system collapse, social unrest and even civil war, and eventual hyperinflation, is certainly there.
How Much Gold Should You Own - 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, Even More?
"How much gold should you own?" This article discusses a number of different views on the subject in an attempt to help you answer that question.
18 Silver "Analysts" Now Forecast Anywhere From $5/ozt. To $1,200/ozt. Is Likely (+2K Views)
Some analysts are forecasting as high as $1,200/ozt. - but a few are suggesting that silver could go considerably lower in price - as low as $5/ozt.. Below are their projections and rationale.
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