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Friday , 30 October 2020

Outlook For Gold Looks Bright In 2020 – Here Are 6 ETFs That Could Be Excellent Plays

…[Gold] is up more than 13% so far this year and…the outlook seems bright heading into the New Year….[This article highlights 6] popular gold ETFs that could be excellent plays for investors who believe that bullion will continue to move higher in 2020…

1. SPDR Gold Trust ETF 

This is the largest and most popular ETF in the gold space with assets under management (AUM) of $42.1 billion and average daily volume of around 10.2 million shares. The fund tracks the price of gold bullion measured in U.S. dollars and kept in London under the custody of HSBC Bank USA. Expense ratio comes in at 0.40%.

2. iShares Gold Trust

This ETF offers exposure to the day-to-day movement of the price of gold bullion and is backed by physical gold under the custody of JP Morgan Chase Bank in London. It has AUM of $17 billion and trades in solid volume of 20.9 million shares a day on average. The ETF charges 25 bps in annual fees.

3. Aberdeen Standard Physical Swiss Gold Shares ETF 

This product also tracks the price of gold bullion and is backed by physical bullion under the custody of JPMorgan Chase Bank. It has amassed $1.1 billion in its asset base and trades in a lower volume of 850,000 shares per day. The product has an expense ratio of 0.17%.

4. SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust

This product seeks to reflect the performance of the price of gold bullion. Being one of the low-cost products with expense ratio of 0.18%, GLDM has amassed $1.1 billion in AUM and trades in solid average daily volume of 1.2 million shares.

5. GraniteShares Gold Trust 

With AUM of $574 million and expense ratio of 0.17%, the fund tracks the performance of gold price. It trades in moderate volume of 182,000 shares per day on average.

6. VanEck Merk Gold Trust 

This product seeks to provide investors with a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy and hold gold through an exchange-traded product with the option to take physical delivery of gold. It…[has an expense ratio of 0.40%] and has AUM of $180 million. OUNZ trades in average daily volume of 52,000 shares.

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