Monday , 19 October 2020

:-) Randy Rainbow’s Latest Parody of Donny “Tweeter” Trump (aka POTUS)

Randy Rainbow is a comedian, actor, singer, writer and internet celebrity based in New York. Rainbow — his real namebe-happy — is most notable for writing, editing, and starring in a series of humorous YouTube viral videos on Donny “Tweeter” Trump (aka POTUS). Check them out here.

By: Lorimer Wilson

His political parodies are getting millions of pageviews on Facebook  (and Twitter too) for good reasons. Below are some comments:

  1. You are a very talented guy! I love your videos. Thank you for making the Trump-era a little bit easier to cope with by sharing your humor and wit! You ROCK!”
  2. Can you please run in 2020?? I’m REALLY craving ‘White House – The Musical'”
  3. Randy Rainbow is fabulous! He has immense talent and brings a dose of truth into his satire, always being respectful with his humor. I, for one, think he should have a recurring spot on Saturday Night Live or one of the nightly ‘talk’ shows!”
  4. “Your songs and Stephen Colbert’s brilliant Trump bashing bring a few rare moments of joy at this dark time.”
  5. I love this guy. So sorry if anyone gets offended, but I will keep watching, giggling and re-posting his videos. Just delete them as needed”
  6. Randyyyy! Fame and stardom! Will you remember us plebes when you host the Oscars?”
  7. Very talented and funny as hell. You are saving our sanity and we thank you.”
  8. You’re the best result of this horrible election and presidency. Congrats!”
  9. ” Donald Trump’s existence can only be explained as a conspiracy to advance the career of Randy Rainbow – and a noble cause indeed.”
  10. We need to start a letter writing campaign for Randy to host the Tony’s next year. Each and every video is spot-on, keep up the fantastic work!!”
  11. Such a joy in these horrendously horrifying times. We have no leader all we have is a nut job set on destroying everything. Thank you, you will get us through this!”
  12.  Randy is one of the few people who can make me laugh in these crappy times. Even if I start crying when I’m laughing, it’s still a laugh. Thanks, Randy!”
  13. You, SNL, the Daily Show, and Colbert, are all that’s standing between me and total madness. Thanks.”
  14. The only good thing about Trump is that because of him, I discovered you. But, as much as I love you, I wish we would’ve “met” under different circumstance – if you know what I mean.”
  15. Wondering when SNL realizes your talent and puts you on. In fact, you could be a visiting member of the cast.
  16. Randy Rainbow keeps us sane throughout all this insanity. Don’t know what we would do without you.
  17. You are the only great (very, very great) thing that has come out of this presidency. Thank you for your humor! If we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go insane

O.K. You get the idea! If you love music and you love satire (and you don’t particularly like Donny “Tweeter” Trump (POTUS) you’ll absolutely LOVE what Randy Rainbow has to say. His 997,026  Facebook followers certainly do!

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