Tuesday , 2 June 2020

Cannabis Central: Searching For A Complete List Of Marijuana Stocks? Look No Further

This post provides a link to a list of every cannabis company (313 in total) currently trading on a North American stock exchange compliments of marijuanastocks.com.

The list is organized in alphabetical order with the company’s full corporate name, stock ticker symbol, market cap and link to their corporate website as well as a link to their full profile on marijuanastocks.com.

Keep in mind when reviewing the list that some of the companies may never have developed beyond a plan or forward-looking statements in a couple of press releases and are just attaching themselves to the cannabis industry because it’s hot.

Of the 313 companies on the list only 19 are non-penny stocks, i.e. trading below $5 per share (see here for those companies). That represents just 6% of the pot stock universe. In addition, all the stocks are very volatile with all but 2/3 having betas of 2 or more.

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