Wednesday , 21 October 2020

Silver: Expect MAJOR Rally By End Of February – Here’s Why

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Now is when silver makes a move in price that is in excess of its total annual seasonal gain!

The chart below shows the average moves in silver prices in the course of a calendar year over the past 69 years.@Gold&Silver

As the chart illustrates, on average silver tends to post its strongest price gains early in the year until peaking close to the end of February. This rapid advance begins in mid-December (blue arrow). Thereafter the price typically retreats again.

The strong seasonal advance is very likely driven by purchases from the manufacturing industry. Many industrial silver processors/users place the bulk of their purchase orders at the beginning of the new financial year once annual planning has been completed and new orders can be booked.

If you purchase silver ahead of this phase – to be precise, in mid December – you will buy at a fairly reasonable price from a seasonal perspective and stand to benefit from the strong seasonal rally.

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