Wednesday , 23 September 2020

Sinclair: Gold Will Win Out and Rocket Up in Price by 2015

Gold will win out and rocket up in price by 2015. There is no other possibility

Lorimer Wilson with Gold Bar Editor-in-Chief Lorimer Wilson Holding a Gold Bar

given the realities.

Jim Sinclair had an interview with King World News today which a number of friends  of Lorimer Wilson,  editor of (Your Key to Making Money!) and (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds) discussed at length with one of them, Arnold Bock, putting together this synopsis of what Sinclair was conveying.

Hi guys,

My take is that Sinclair is making a big issue of sovereign debt and financial institutional debt. He knows that all the derivative ‘insurance’ on these debts are basically useless in that there is no liquidity and financial ability for anyone to make good on their obligations.

Everyone and everything is a matter of buying time kicking the can down the road and hoping something useful might happen in the interval. If nothing else, the implosions will occur on someone else’s watch.

He says the price of gold isn’t the real issue, but rather the gradual and measured way at which it rises. If there is too much volatility it draws very unfavorable attention to the deficiencies in the paper money system. Not only that, the countries and the financial institutions are mostly bankrupt. The goal currently is to extend and pretend that all is in hand and will go more or less ok into the future.

The absence of real liquidity in the financial institutions is one of the reasons for printing money/QE to Infinity. He says this in terms of amounts printed, not the time involved.

His conclusions? Gold will win out and rocket up in price by 2015. There is no other possibility given the realities.


Again, the above is a summary of what Sinclair had to say but to hear his every word and all the nuances you are encouraged to visit KNW and hear his actual comments.

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