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Monday , 18 January 2021

Speaker Insights From the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Below is a flavor of what I heard about our economy, gold, bitcoin, crypto currencies, the Fed, Trump and his policies, gold, uranium, copper, silver, and a host of additional issues from some of the 100 speakers at the Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver attended by some 8,000 people over its 2-day period:

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  1. Peter Schiff:  he shouted (loudly) that:
    • the Trump economic polices are bogus (won’t work),
    • bitcoin is a mania/speculation (going to zero eventually),
    • inflation will soon arrive in spades,
    • the stock bubble will burst  in the near future…along with the bond bubble,
    • and that when the bubbles start to burst the Fed will resort to QE-4 or much worse.
  2. Jim Rickards:  he shouted (quietly) that:
    • the future of money is some return to gold and that this could happen as the many bubbles start to burst. His timeline was uncertain, but his message was clear that Geo-political issues will bring about major change in the near future.
    • and that Bitcoin is mostly bogus as it could not create the vision of the founders or the wish of the millennials who seem to clammer for this option.
  3. Bill Murphy/Ed Steer:  these speakers:
    • revealed the history of banker shenanigans when it comes to price manipulation (especially of gold and silver)
    • and presented many years of data showing how and why gold/silver prices are suppressed and manipulated by select banks and also the Federal Reserve Bank.
  4. Bo Polny:  his view of history is that:
    • a new paradigm has emerged…that will lead to the greatest gold rush in world history
    • with the American dollar falling to extremely low levels later in 2018-19,
    • Bitcoin may go to 50,000
    • and he expects silver at $160 later in 2018.
  5. Frank Holmes/Teeks Tiwari:  both of these speakers view:
    • crypto currencies as viable options and great speculations…
    • that these new currencies, along with blockchain technology, will help to revolutionize our monetary system over time
    • and suggest that one get into these currencies now with part of your speculative funds.

Many additional views were presented from speakers such as:

  1. Doug Casey,
  2. Rick Rule,
  3. Byron King,
  4. Marin Katusa,
  5. Peter Spina,
  6. David Morgan,
  7. etc.,

each with their own spin on current events and potential future events…

In summary, I would suggest that major CHANGE is in the air as this conference revealed that people are tired of the status quo system…The case of investing in gold and silver was favored by the vast majority of speakers but we all need to think for ourselves on all these issues. Enjoy! I am: https://kingdomecon.wordpress.com.

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