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Wednesday , 20 January 2021

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Bubble-level Valuations Don’t Cause Bear Markets! These Factors Do

So much analysis we see and hear lately is concerned with whether the stock market is in a bubble or not. The truth of the matter, however, is that bear markets do not begin due to bubble-level valuations being reached and then bursting, but in anticipation of half a dozen mitigating factors as outlined in this article.

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Dow About to Correct 14-18%, Then Increase 111-122% Into 2017

The stock market has topped. It got stretched too high, for too long, and needs to pull back and wash out some diehard bulls and refresh itself before heading any higher. We are now in a bear market that could last anywhere from 3-10 months and the significance of it all is crucial to not only understanding what is going on, but also to protecting and growing your wealth. This article does just that!

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Cycle Analysis Suggests S&P 500 Has Topped & Will Decline To Major Low In 2016 (+2K Views)

While the majority is looking at the Megaphone Pattern correction since the 2000 high and is expecting the market to go back to the lower trend line of this pattern and to make new lows, I think that it will not happen. The opinion of the majority can be used as a contrarian indicator. I think that a healthy correction in this new Secular Bull Market could push the Dow Jones to 12500-13500 (end of 2015 – half 2016) followed by a second leg up of this new Secular Bull Market.

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Next Bear Market Shaping Up To Be Quite the Storm – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

The U.S. stock market has been closing at one record high after another but, despite the seemingly unending investor optimism more than five years into the current bull market, some worrisome issues are continuing to build under the surface. Like all past bull markets, the latest episode will eventually come to an end and a new bear market will begin and it has the potential to be even worse than the two previous downturns since the start of the new millennium...

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Relax ! Stocks Are In NO Immediate Danger – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Right now there's nothing to be bearish about. I say that with conviction, because my "Bear Market Checklist" is a perfect 0-for-9. Heck, not a single indicator on the list is even close to flashing a warning sign. We've got nothing but big whiffers! Take a look. Pop a pill and relax. There's no immediate danger threatening stocks.

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Stock Market is Due for a 15-20% Correction – Here's Why

Corporate America has been flying high since the recession, barely looking back since March 2009. The 70% rally in the S&P 500 in just under 2 years has been astounding to say the least - but are we really in 70% better shape as a nation since March 2009? No way! The dollar has continued to decrease in value, investments that feed off fear like gold and silver have soared....housing prices are still as low as in 2009, when they "crashed." The signs of a major market correction...[are] right in front of us... no one seems to notice [but I do]. I believe we could soon experience a market correction of from 15% to 20%. Let me explain why. Words: 913

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