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Monday , 25 January 2021

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These CRAP Stocks Are Levered to the Investment Recovery, Inflation & Deregulation Expected Over the Next Year

We live in a modern world of acronyms and buzzwords, and the financial industry is certainly no exception. In fact, it may be one of the worst culprits, what with FANG, ZIRP, TINA, BREXIT, QUITALY, BRIC, etc. all entering the lexicon over the last few years...[and] now the new eye-catching acronym to watch, according to Tom Lee of Fundstrat, is CRAP – Computers, Resources, American Banks, and Phone Carriers – which are all levered to the investment recovery, inflation, and deregulation expected over the next year...

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Brexit Is the First Domino To Fall – Got Cash?

We just needed one major negative catalyst to bring the markets down and we got that in the Brexit. Obviously with the process for the UK to exit the EU possibly taking over two years of negotiating to actually happen, this will be a constant weight on the markets in Europe and on U.S. multinationals doing business there. Those who are in a high percentage of cash right now will be shooting fish in a barrel when this all gets played out.

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A Bullish & Bearish Perspective On What Brexit Means For Gold

Last Friday investors had the opportunity to see what happens when markets get surprised as markets around the world plummeted and risk-off was the name of the game as gold and bonds rose. This article analyzes what Brexit means for gold from both a bullish and a bearish perspective and concludes with our recommended course of action.

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Could Brexit Be the Beginning of a Brave New World?

Brexit could be the beginning of a brave new world, in which trade becomes freer and business becomes less burdened by taxes and regulations. The only politician here who is talking about such "radical" ideas is Trump, but he is gaining traction, as did the "leavers" in the UK. There is room for hope.

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