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Thursday , 21 January 2021

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U.S. Debt Default Risk is Up Dramatically YTD

[While] the average country has seen its default risk decline by about 5% this year [25 countries' CDS prices went up; 32 countries saw their CDS prices go down]... the US has seen its default risk rise the 8th most (i.e. 19.28%) out of the 57 countries listed.

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CRB Commodity Index/Gold Price Ratio Suggests Gold is Overvalued

There's a saying in the investment business that when the taxi driver and the delivery person are talking about a "no-lose, gotta-have" investment, it's time to run for the exits. At that point of maximum adoration and comfort, the masses have gone wild. And that's often the warning that the smart money is on its way to the exits and the novices will be trampled in the exodus. Think technology stock bubble in 2000, or house flipping three years ago. Now, think gold. Words: 471

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Earn Higher Income Yields with These 3 Alternatives (+2K Views)

By cutting the federal funds rate to a range of zero percent to 0.25 percent, the Fed has forced rates on short-term Treasuries, short-term certificates of deposit, and money market accounts into the gutter. You can’t earn squat on these safe, cash-like investments so where can you turn for the income you need? Words: 540

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