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Wednesday , 27 January 2021

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Have Your Say in World Consumer Confidence Index Survey – Here's How

According to the latest real-time Worldwide Consumer Confidence Index most respondents believe that their economic circumstances will improve over the next 6 months even though such confidence has declined marginally from 30 days ago. You don't feel the same way? OK, read on and actually participate in the survey to have your view of things so recorded. It is fast and easy to do. Here's how. Words: 410

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"Liquidity Trap" is Fast Approaching

When velocity is low the nation essentially winds up in a "liquidity trap" which is a situation where monetary policy is unable to stimulate the economy either through lowering interest rates or increasing the money supply. This was the condition that Japan found itself enveloped in from 1989 to present. We expect the same problem in this country and hope (really hope) to be wrong. Words: 672

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7 Red Flags Tell Us Why The S&P 500 Could Be Going Down to 865

If you're in the market, you can't just sit and hope things work out. You have to be proactive and prepare for the worst as well as the best. [I have identified] seven red flags indicating that the next big move in the market may be down so [outline] 4 steps below on how to protect yourself and your portfolio. [Don't delay,] now is the time to take action! Words: 1316

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