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Sunday , 17 January 2021

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Commentary on QE3 Exclaims: "We Have Been Warned!"

QE3 looks like a desperate act to feed money to large banks, offload MBS toxic waste from their balance sheets, devalue the dollar against houses, commodities, and other currencies and create significant collateral damage in the form of consumer price inflation according to a number of respected economists and critical thinkers on the subject of QE3. [Let's take a look at what they have to say.] Words: 1661

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Shilling: Chief Pooh-pooher of Market Enthusiasm for Good Reasons – Do You Agree?

Economist Gary Shilling, excellent forecaster of past recessions and chief pooh-pooher of today’s market enthusiasm, thinks consumers are in worse shape than they’re letting on ...[and,] while his general pessimism puts him very much at odds with the market for the first few months of the year, it looks like he’s gaining some followers. [Take a look at his] point-by-point explanations of his opinions, [supported by charts , and see if you, too, come to the same conclusions.] Words: 740

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