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Wednesday , 20 January 2021

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Gold Will be the Crutch to Lean On for a While – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Regardless of what certain pundits and investors say, I believe gold will have a great run into the end of 2011. [Why?] Because I think a currency crisis is brewing worldwide, and gold will be a safe place to store value. The Euro and USD are fundamentally weak, and inflation is nearly out of control due to huge stimulus packages and low interest rates that aren't helping struggling economies. Gold should be the crutch to lean on for a while. [Let me expand on the aforementioned reasons.] Words: 675

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Weiss: A Financial Apocalypse Awaits America!

I have great confidence in mankind’s ability to ultimately overcome even the most extreme of crisis but at this juncture, however, America has yet to begin that arduous process. We live an unrealistic lifestyle on borrowed money and borrowed time. [As such, we are on the brink of] a looming crisis with the power to crush the U.S. economy. Unless Washington makes a 180-degree turn, we face a catastrophe that could end our way of life as we know it. Words: 870

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Sovereign Debt Defaults Now Possible/Likely? (+2K Views)

Governments the world over have spent the past year bailing out, backstopping, insuring, and stimulating their financial sectors and economies throwing around trillions of dollars, euros, yen, and pounds like Halloween candy. Officials have assured us there’s little risk to that strategy but I believe that the opposite is true - that if you borrow and spend too much, all you’re going to do is transform a Wall Street debt crisis into a Washington debt crisis. Words: 882

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